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Submitted a inquiry for a Q5e on the spreadsheet. We need to move fast. Costco ends tomorrow.

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AutoCompanion Audi Deals

24 Model Year
A3 - 8%
S3 - 7%
A4 - 8%
S4 - 6%
A5/S5 sb -8% PRESTIGE 7%
A6 -7%
A8 - 7%, local DX 6%
Q3 - 8%
Q5PHEV -8%
Q5 gas Prem/PREM PLUS 9% , PRESTIGE 7%
2024 Q7 55 6% 2025 Q7 45 - 6%
Q4 e/Q4 e sb - 7%
Q8 e - 8%
E-tron GT -INNOVATOR 10% + 1% dealer total 11% off 24 month lease minimum required

$500 Doc Fee

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*Vehicles are delivered out of the DMV Area and are shipped at client’s expense. Please submit an inquiry for all deal details.

Upping discounts 10% off the following models.

Q7 2025

Q7 2024 11%
Etron GT 13%

Is/was there an inventory issue with 2024 S4’s or do they just sell quick?

Every time I search there seem to be very few around, even when expanding my search radius to a few hundred miles.

Discount on A6 45?

Etron- GT: What would the total DAS be with NY taxes?

Yeah, they’re just hard to get.

8-10% off.

For quotes, we require everyone to submit an inquiry on our website autocompanion.com/inquire

Q7/Q5 -10%
Q3- 8%
A5 SB-10%
Etron GT- 10-11%
All etron suv- 10%

In the market for A6 in NJ and I have Costco membership. Need to take delivery this month. Let me know if you have anything. Don’t care about color

We sure do! Please submit an inquiry.

Any Q5 available in NY?

Hi I submitted an inquiry for a Nissan Myrano but have not heard back yet. Is there a phone number I can call on?