🔥 Auto Ninjas SoCal January Mazda Deals! 6-7% off MSRP, Home Delivery Included anywhere in CA!

Is autolease ninjas active? I placed a request on the website several days ago and no answer so far.

i was wondering the same they seem inactive

Jan 23 Update: Opening up Mazda Deals Again to the Community

  • 6-7% off Almost all Mazda Models & Trims (See Spreadsheet)
  • Included Delivery Anywhere in the State of CA
  • $599 Flat Broker Fee
  • Full list of available inventory for you guys to pick from!

Contact Info

  • Email: Nick@autoleaseninjas.com
  • Deal#, Model & Trim of Interest
  • Registration Zip Code
  • Top 3 Colors
  • Cars in Household
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • Trade In or Lease Return Info (if applicable)
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Sheet says monthly includes taxes, but the calculator link shows that same number for the pre-tax monthly. Which is correct?

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Wondering same thing @AutoNinjas . Sheet and calc sheet are different

Please refer to the calculator, input your tax rate and get the pre-tax and post tax number. It will specify within the link which is which.

Ello, is there much change in the programs for Feb in CA?

p much identical to Jan - they passed a smidge of lease cash to the CX-5 Prem/P+ from the looks of it, but thats about it.

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