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Incorrect, you only get two - 3rd has to be a Mazda CX-9 touring or sport that you’re coming out of. Even then I think a ton of dealers are going to get charged back.

If you have specific questions about your Florida Mazda deal we were working feel free to email Nick!

According to mazdausa.com, Looks like the original lease needs to come from Mazda capital service but I see nothing that it must be a cx-9.

Lease to Lease is for Customers Through Chase (Mazda Capital Services) - Not a MFS lease. So, pretty much all leases originating prior to February 2020 qualify, anything after that is MFS.

The Mazda Trade/Upgrade Program is for Customers that are coming out of a CX-9 Touring and going into a CX-9 Carbon, Grand Touring, or Signature.

@admins - can you landfill these previous posts to clean up the thread, don’t want the deals to get buried.

Update: All RED/SAND BENCH GONE for rest of month, none available to locate either.

Always has to be in the Northeast. No love in SoCal.

At least you don’t live in Massachusetts :poop:

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Does the due at signing include the broker fee?

It does not, all are plus the $499 broker fee

Any cx-9 gt’s left?

2023 CX-9 GTs still available? Do you also sell it to NC?

Update - CX-9 GT discount reduced for any new customer. Slim availability - the last inbound units will go to people with paid retainers. Signatures are the most readily available and the best discount/deal.

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Any info lease info on 2023 cx-5s ?

We currently have a 2020 Cx-5 that will be due in June 2023 and are looking to either match the current payment or lower it if possible.

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Absolutely - we’d love to help!

Email jaime@autoleaseninjas.com the trim you’re looking for and we’ll get you going on it this afternoon!

typo, I apologize.

Any December deals getting posted soon?

My current lease is ending this month and I’m looking to get into a CX-9 Carbon.

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Yes email jaime@autoleaseninjas.com to get on the list!

We’ll likely post them tomorrow.

Email sent.


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Hi emailed looking for CX5 leases just wanted to make sure it’s the same email.

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Great - looking forward to it