🔥 Auto Ninjas November Florida Deals! CYBER MONDAY 9% OFF CX-5 IN STOCK!

DEALS ARE NOW LIVE :chart_with_upwards_trend:



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What color is the V60?

One more to Post V60 T5 R-Design - $53K Spec
$425 with Inceptions ($3300+MSDs Due)
Options: R-design pack, Advanced, Park Assist Pilot, Polestar, Climate & More

Hi sent a PM about the XC90 if still available.

PM sent! Look forward to chatting.

The XC90 is sold, no longer available, post has been updated to reflect that.

What’s the trick to getting the spreadsheet to work? It says I’m not authorized to view. Thanks

Thanks I will correct this tonight when I’m back at my computer. Check back tomorrow morning

I can’t access the sheet either; is it open to anyone or do we have to request access?

Try clicking this

That worked!

$417.00 per month xc 60 specs please

Please PM or Fill out an inquiry via the deal configurator (see our google sheet) @bhlease

Also - in FL you can use A-plan. This dealership (though not in FL) has all of the employers listed. Click “check availability” and then either use command f (mac) or control f (pc) and type in your company name.


These rebates are huge for something like an S60. We can do locates so if you have a specific build or combo you’re looking for don’t hesitate to fill out a quote, we can always adjust accordingly.

Florida Mazda is now up and can be accessed via google spreadsheet

Crazy Blowouts

Some Highlights :fire:
CX-30 ~ up to 11.5% off Pre-Incentives
CX-5 ~ up to 10% off Pre-Incentives
CX-9 ~ 11% off Pre-Incentives
Mazda3 ~ 13% off Pre-Incentives
Mazda6 - 12% off Pre-Incentives

When do you think you will have the Chevy info updated the google doc says it was supposed to be updated last week

Chevy will be updated soon - working on coding the logic for non-captive vs captive logic and a custom field for supplier, employee, etc (every type of pricing), as the amount varies based on both MSRP and Model.

That being said, if you’re super eager on moving forward on one, you can shoot me a PM for a quote!

Hi @AutoNinjas How do I contact you about one of the volvos – I’d like to lease one of them. Thanks

You can shoot me a PM or get a quote via our site (direct links are on the google sheet)

2.) XC40 T5 Momentum AWD Loaner - One Build Left (PM for Specs)
Options: Premium, Moonroof, Protection Pack, Metallic Paint, Climate, 19" Wheels
~23% Off MSRP :fire:
$323 Per Month (Tax INCLUDED)
$3216 Drive Off + 10 MSDs (All In)
LH Calc Link:

CX-9 Blowout Alert - Good till 2/26
Best 3 Row SUV Out There
Insert Cheesy Caption About Deal Being Best on LH
CX-9 Touring Premium Captain’s Chairs
Options: Touring Premium Package, Wheel Locks
~12% Off MSRP :fire: - Unheard of in FL Market
$271/$285/$307 Per Month (Tax INCLUDED - Lease Loyalty/Loyalty/No Loyalty)
$3000 Drive Off (All In)

Hey any good deal on mazda cx9 carbon edition for the month

Hi, can you please send me full details on this deal?