🔥 Auto Ninjas Mercedes Benz Deals! One off EQS, EQE, EQB Deals! $20k Off SL, C63S Avail!

Do you have any deals on the GLC model?

SL Available at $20k+ Off

  • $152k MSRP
  • $1,463 PMT
  • Taxes & Fees + MSDs Due at Signing
  • 36/7.5k

C63CS Final Edition - 3% off MSRP

  • PMT - A Lot - Finance it
  • Drive off - A Lot - Finance it
  • Drive off: Finance it
  • Last of its breed - come get it!

GLS at 3% off

  • Finance it

A NOTE ON EQE & EQS - ONLY NJ/CT/NY/PA DO NOT CONTACT OUTSIDE OF THAT. It will be significantly more if you don’t qualify for those incentives

EQE 350 4Matic at 11% off

  • $81k MSRP
  • $599 Per Month
  • Taxes, Fees, MSDs Due
  • Must have conquest & fleet (or Amex cardholder)
  • 36/7.5k

EQS 450 RWD at 11.5% off*

  • $108k MSRP
  • $704
  • Taxes, Fees, MSDs Due
  • Must have conquest & fleet (or Amex cardholder)
  • 36/7.5k

Email Nathan@shopautoninjas.com
1.) Name & Phone #
2.) Model & Trim of Interest
3.) Cars in Household
4.) Affinity/Fleet (Y or N)
5.) Registration Zip Code
6.) Top 3 Colors
7.) Cars in Household
8.) Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
9.) How much down/total drive off
10.) Lease Return or Trade Info

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For the SL
Is there also an additional 10k conquest if I have a Porsche?

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so can i lease it?


For final edition- what # of 499 is it?

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Is there a specific Amex card(s) that qualify?



any deal on c43?

Does Cadillac qualify for conquest for MB?

It does not, unless its an EV/PHEV

Interested in an EQB, EQE, or EQS lease in St Paul/Minneapolis. Got anything worthwhile? (Open to other SUVs as well!)

Sent and email last night and another one today, can you please get back
To me thanks

Do you know the June programs yet? Any change to EQS/EQE SUV possible discounts from the dealers? I am hoping they add back the trunk money

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It’s 8:13am EST. I don’t think they know yet


Looking for a GLE or similar mid size luxury SUV and based in NJ. Let me know if you have any availability

Tri state area, any EQE SUV 4Matic available? Ready to lease immediately.

any lease deals on a 2023 Mercedes GLC 300 SUV 4matic? looking for 36 months, 12k miles per year in the New England area?