🔥 Auto Ninjas May Mazda Deals! LH's #1 Mazda Source! A+ Deals, $52k CX-90 PHEV $299 Per w Mazda Lease Return

Any deals on CX-70 Turbo S Premium Black on Red
Located in NYC 36/12k lease

May Mazda Deals are Live - Great Deals Across the Board!

  • Great new programs! For the most part most models are unchanged payment wise - the lease to lease rebate is still here - which is GREAT!
  • CX-30, CX-50, CX-5 and CX-90 PHEV Pricing is phenomenal, especially if you’re returning a Mazda lease. Limited inventory on CX-90s, however - First Come, First Serve!
  • Promo to Kick Things off until 4/9 - $100 off our fee!

Deal Spreadsheet


No deals on Miatas?

We can do them on a case by case basis but inventory is very slim!

When will CX-70’s be available for delivery?

Does Mazda have a lease pull ahead program this month?

Enhanced pricing on a few models!


@AF123 - Yes pull-ahead continues for the month of May!

@bbahary - We will let you know, but the majority of them should be hitting lots in June. Perhaps a few will trickle in before the end of this month

Good Afternoon - - I am not having a great experience utilizing the services of Auto Ninjas - - My representative Nick appears to no longer be available for contact - 2 email requests and 1 attempted phone call trying to get a reply on the delivery of my paid for vehicle - All Fees Paid - All Paperwork Signed -
Nick advised the vehicle would be delivered to my home on Sunday 05/12 and it was not - - I was not provided with who the car hauler would be so I have no direct contact outside of Nick’s email and his phone number -

Who can assist me in locating the car carrier / tracking the drop off date and time of my paid for vehicle?

Most brokers provide you with a VIN number and locate the car before asking you to submit credit application except for Auto ninja which does it the opposite way (ask you to pay fees upfront before even locating a car!). If you have the VIN you can google it to find your vehicle and maybe call the dealer directly if the broker continue to ignore you!

Good luck!

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Happy to look into this right away. Nick was away this weekend, but Matt and I will look into it ASAP and get back to you!

Just to clarify publicly - he was referring to a vehicle scheduled for home delivery via vehicle transport delivery. There was an unforeseen transport delay and Nick happened to take off this weekend for a personal matter and returns tomorrow - just a perfect mix for an unintentional disconnect in communication.

FWIW most brokers do not give out VIN and dealer info prior to payment or qualification for several reasons such as bad actors that try to cut around brokers (instant blacklist, and brokers often share blacklist clients with each other) as well as tying up inventory for clients that drag their feet or ultimately do not finalize which causes problems for dealers and brokers when operating at high volume. This is also why our service fees are 100% refundable prior to contracts, if we can’t finalize on our offered terms or cannot get your preferred vehicle for any reason we will happily give your money back every time.


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I’m still waiting for a reply for 2025 forester

Hi, filled out the inquiry form a few times about Mazda cx5 of 50. Is there a specific person I should reach out to?

It looks like we received your inquiry on a CX-50 Premium last night around 9PM, Nick should have reached out this morning. Please DM us if you are having any further trouble!

@Netsfan549 I’m unsure which inquiry may be yours, but if you have not received a response from our team yet please send us a DM with your email/name so we can look it up!


Some GREAT Pull-ahead Deals on CX-5s, CX-50s & CX-90s!!

  • $1,000 in Remaining Payments Waived :exploding_head:
  • Huge rebates for lease to lease Customers (up to $2500) :fire:
  • BIG Discounts - up to 11%+ on Some Trims!!
  • Free Home Delivery to Most Metro NYC Customers :handshake:


CX-5 Select AWD - 10%+ Off MSRP

CX-5 Premium AWD - 11%+ off MSRP

CX-50 Select AWD - 10%+ Off MSRP

CX-50 Turbo AWD

Link to Deals

what about the new cx70 is it arrived ?

We expect CX70 deals/inventory to land next month! :crossed_fingers: