🔥 Auto Ninjas March Nissan Deals! Discounted Rogues, Muranos, Rock Creek Pathfinders!

Not sure how long this will stay up with the interruption - but several hot units available.

Frontier is discounted essentially as low as it can possibly go (selling price has to be $1 over the residual value). Pathfinder SVs are almost non existent, and we expect to sell out of our SLs soon too for the entire month. Altima’s have crazy good programs too

Contact Info

  • Email [Jaime@autoleaseninjas.com](mailto:Jaime@autoleaseninjas.com) with your inquiry
  • Model & Trim of Interest
  • Registration Zip Code
  • Top 3 Colors
  • Cars in Household
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • Lease or Finance - How much down/total drive off
  • Lease Return or Trade Info

Calc Link in here to each of the one offs

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Please have Jaime or Matt reach out to me. I’m still waiting to hear on a vehicle from late December. That vehicle is on the new available list and I’ve already paid the deposit

just pmd you

What’s the catch with the 18/10k leases. The pathfinder at 319$ monthly is that right? Or am I missing something

The catch is you are paying about $300 a month in interest and will have to return the car at the end. As buyout value will not he reasonable. That said still a good monthly payment for a $45k car.

There’s no real catch, other than it’s a shorter lease. But I’m almost all sold out of the SLs already in one day at this point. They’re going quick…

I’m not following. how am I paying 300 a month in interest, are you exaggerating? I get the idea that the buyout is worthless, that part I get

Open the calculator and see the payment breakdown. APR 8%. Residual 90%

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The $319 you pay is all interest. Or nearly all interest. That’s how this particular lease works.

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Which if you’re looking at it in terms of total cost of ownership, it doesn’t really matter. As long as the balance of RV, MF, Rebates & Discount creates a low cost of ownership doesn’t really matter.

Not like 3 Row SUVs really have equity at the end anyway in most cases, if you’re alluding to. There’s maybe a handful you could make an argument for, but not many.

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Sent an email to Jaime about the Frontier last night.

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Just sent you an email about a Pathfinder. Thanks!

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I agree with this assessment. I don’t really care to buy out at the end or the RV, I’m just looking at the cost to lease the car over term. Ninja… am I able to roll the upfront costs into payment?

Quick update - sold out of all SV & SL Pathfinders, as I believe we sold the last one today.

Have a handful of Platinums - still very strong deals for a loaded 3 row SUV

Frontier is still avail.

Respectfully, we emailed you back twice 18hrs and 19hrs ago, I would suggest checking your inbox before posting here

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Thanks, I’m in touch with Jaime now, sorry about that, the reply was in my inbox.

Here’s an exciting update: We’ll do MSDs on select units - only a handful to start as they’ve caused deal funding issues in the past.

These are absolutely :fire: deals for a 3 Row SUV, and we will do MSDs for them. NJ, CT, PA customers only. NY CUSTOMERS CANNOT DO MSDS. If you’re in NY and you want this deal its $70 a month more without MSDs (same thing for NJ/CT/PA - $70 more a month). We’d be happy to sell it to you though even if you don’t want to put down MSDs.

Pathfinder Platinums

Please Read

Notes & Contact

  • I’ll be marking these as sold as people reserve them, this can be used as the source of truth for availability on these (see spreadsheet below)
  • They have the exact color combo, option spread, and seating configuration, in the spreadsheet. For efficiency, please do not ask me what color the car is or what options it has - its on the spreadsheet.
  • Each MSD is equal to one payment (pre-msd) rounded to the nearest $50 increment (in most cases on this sheet, each MSD equals ~$400, with a maximum of 9.


  • Email: Jaime@autoleaseninjas.com
  • Model & Trim of Interest
  • Registration Zip Code
  • Top 3 Colors
  • Cars in Household
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • Trade In or Lease Return Info (if applicable)

Morgan Freeman supports this.

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I don’t believe I saw a response to my email. I understand you’re busy. In the end I bargained with a few dealers and got an S for $400/mo with $0 down.