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October Update (10/10): The Great Pricing Continues!

  • Pricing Valid till EOD 10/30

$499 Broker Fee


Altima - $1250 off MSRP & Buy Rate
Maxima - $500 off MSRP & Buy Rate
Sentra - $1k off MSRP & Buy Rate


Armada - $1250 off MSRP & Buy Rate
Frontier - $1k off MSRP & Buy Rate
Kicks - $500 off MSRP & Buy Rate
Rogue - $1k off MSRP & Buy Rate
Rogue Sport - $1k off MSRP & Buy Rate
Murano - $1k off MSRP & Buy Rate
Pathfinder - $1250 off MSRP & Buy Rate

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  • Model & Trim of Interest
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  • Top 3 Colors
  • Cars in Household
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • Lease or Finance - How much down/total drive off
  • Lease Return or Trade Info

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There are regular Rogues and not sports? What qualifies for loyalty? In household or only if turning in?

Updated for Feb

Updated for April

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Murano S with tech. what does inceptions mean? Can you post a price for NJ 08701.
24/12k everything rolled in. & with 15k option? aka Real Zero DAS.

I have a rogue sv that is due next month on lease. I have loyalty and Military. Should i wait until next month double military like i did 3 years ago? I want to get into a murano SL whats the best you can do this month. 36/12k. trying to not put anything down at all. I have military and loyalty.

Please send a PM so we can discuss! @ArmaanOG @Afrank

how I pm not showing me the option. can you initiate a pm?

Click on the username / icon and you’ll this;

Then click on blue message button to send a PM.


What about philadelphia area?

Same deals for most vehicle. We can deliver all the way there for a $100 fee.

How is pricing on Pathfinder sl or platinums?

the deals are fairly average due to a low residual - expect on a $41K Pathfinder SL 4WD around $359 with Inceptions due at signing for 36/12k

Updated deals for May! For the most part, very minimal changes.

how about the armandas how they leasing?

i have vpp and loyaly also

I’ll shoot you a PM - they aren’t leasing fantastic though.

has this pathfinder SL pricing mentioned above changed for May? if so, how much?

The pathfinder sl is now not leasing well either. Murano is the best bet at the moment

Interested in $42.5K Murano SL AWD $329 (+Tax), Inceptions DAS 24/12k.

Wife has a Rogue Sport coming to maturity in a few months. Wondering if dealer is offering any pull ahead and how many months? What is loyalty? NJ resident.

What would the deal look like?

Hi, I’m in MASS not your market, my Maxima lease is up next month, and thinking to get into a Murano S is it realistic to shoot for $260ish monthly 12/24 only first payment DAS?
I appreciate an advice