🔥 Auto Ninjas' March Hyundai, Genesis & Kia Deals! 9% off Elantras, up to 9% off Tucson Limited!

:rotating_light: Hyundai Master Deal Sheet! :rotating_light:

October Update (10/10): The Crazy Pricing Continues!

  • Pricing Valid till EOD 10/30

$499 Broker Fee

  • Email Jaime@autoleaseninjas.com with your inquiry
  • Model & Trim of Interest
  • Registration Zip Code
  • Top 3 Colors
  • Cars in Household
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • Lease or Finance - How much down/total drive off
  • Lease Return or Trade Info

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VW deals added to the spreadsheet

23%+ off leftover Arteons!


Any Habanero Orange Metallic R-Line Manual Jettas?

What are the “Doc, Bank and Acq” fees in actual numbers for VW’s and Hyundai’s?

Can college grad, first responder, and conquest (have a rav4) be applied together to CX9 sport?

Doc is $499 for both
Hyundai’s Acquisition is a standard $595 across all models
VW Acquisition is a standard $699 across all models


Updated for January Prices, apologies for the delay.

Some highlights:
$148(+Tax) Elantras with inceptions due (no special incentives required)
$199(+Tax) Tucsons with Inceptions due (no special incentives required)
$259(+Tax) Tiguans with Inceptions due (no special incentives required)

Tuscon SEL , Is it available for RI customers?

Would require driving or paying for shipping, send me a PM to discuss further. Keep in mind shipping process usually takes a little longer than ordinary delivery or pickup!

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Updated for February - Need to move remaining 2020 Elantra’s Value Edition ~10% off Pre-Incentives

Some Other Monthly Highlights - All Deals Can Be Customized!


  • $165 Per Month Sonata’s ($3k due - All T&Fs Included)
  • $186 Per Month Tucson’s ($3k due - All T&Fs Included)


  • $189 Jettas ($3k due - All T&Fs Included)
  • $317 Atlas Cross Sport ($3k due - All T&Fs Included)

More can be found below!

Any ideas when the refreshed Kona will be available based on when Hyundai went from 2020 to 2021 inventory last year?

Updated for March with some absolutely crazy deals


  • $120 Per Month Elantra’s (See Calc Below)
  • :fire: $43k Kona EV for $138 Per Month (See Calc Below) Will match or beat any deal
  • $141 Sonatas
  • $166 Kona (Gas)
  • $169 Tucsons
  • $277 Santa Fes


  • $189 Jettas
  • $404 Atlas
  • $297 Atlas Cross Sports
  • $231 Tiguans

Is there conquest on any of the EVs?

There is no conquest but there is first responder, college grad and military if you qualify!

Edit for clarification - Both the Kona EVs (Limited and Ultimate) are both 2020s, apologies for not clarifying on initial post

Hi. Do you deal with financing as well or just leasing?

Sent a PM on 2020 Kona EV Ultimate.

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We do both, though with this month’s incentives I would recommend leasing. Palisades may be the exception to that rule, though.

Thanks for the reply. Will reach out when ready.

Thanks, looking forward to working with you

PSA for NY Residents! When using the calculator for EVs, please do the following:

  • Add your local tax rate (8% Upstate NY, 8.875% NYC, 8.38% Westchester or 8.63% Long Island)
  • Add $2k to Taxed Incentives for Drive Clean Rebate - this effectively makes the deal the same for NY Residents too!
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