🔥 Auto Ninjas JUNE FLORIDA MAZDA DEALS! Ship Nationwide!

Is this still available? I sent email to jaime@shopautoninjas.com but only received response with 36 month links. Thanks

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Depending on the way you structure and rebate stack, the 36 Mo term is sometimes better. But yes you can do both 24 & 36

Lowered even further

Any deals for the Mazda CX-5? Looking to lease 36 month 12k miles

Looking to move forward with CX-5 2.5 Turbo ASAP. I have filled out contact form on your website but have not received email after 24 hours. Thanks

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Hey there this is the best way to get in touch with us !

Any deals for may? Asking for a friend

I don’t think they do. I’ve reached out a few times to multiple contacts there, but haven’t heard back after the initial outreach.

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Same. Nothing after initial contact

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Any insight when the PHEV CX-90s start hitting lots? Pretty compelling looking, especially with limited 3-row PHEV options out there.

Bumping this to the top…any June updates for CX-5 or CX-9? Is there a spreadsheet available?

As a matter of fact we do! We have actually been overhauling all of our spreadsheets and are finishing them up as we speak - you can check it out here!

how are the shipping charges to DFW region