🔥 Auto Ninjas JUNE CDJR FL Deals - Up to 20.5% off Jeep + Incentives; Up to 23.5% OFF RAM til 6/15!

Great to hear how well things went and how happy you are! If you havent, we would love a review on either our Leasehackr Review Thread and/or on our Google Reviews.

In regard to June programs, as @eslincito0216 shared, CDJR is usually the slowest to get their finalized programs out, usually best practice to wait about a week. We do have a call scheduled with our dealer to discuss June on Wednesday (we have a call every month) so by the end of this week we should have some more updates to this thread.




We’ve been granted even deeper discounts on all in-stock models until 6/15. This includes MAJOR Ram discount enhancements. 2024s in the $200s with loyalty and 2025 Laramies (new Hurricane motor) eek into the $300s with loyalty as well, post tax with inceptions up front.

In Addition to these dealer enhancements, we are running a sale on our service fee at only $299 until midnight tomorrow 6/7! Reminder too that all of our deals are eligible for purchase as well.


$299 Service Fee on ALL CDJR models

(Ends Friday 6/7 @ Midnight)


Ram Deal Sheet

Jeep Deal Sheet


Instructions to Lock In

Questions & Inquiries: Auto Ninjas - Leasehackr Contact Us Page

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QQ - Are these specific vehicles (based on the vehicle notes) or is there a chance the packages may vary once the inquiry is sent?

Due to the nature of option based builds for CDJR, these are based on specific units however there are typically comparable mixes of colors and options/packages available for you to select. Final payment will be based on final MSRP of unit selected. When selecting a model to advertise, we typically shoot for builds that we have multiples of the same exact with mixes of colors and we typically shoot for something on the lower (not lowest) end of available MSRP. If we feel there is important mixes (for example Grand Cherokee Limited w/ varying packages) we will add additional line items with different MSRP points. If we mark the Status as Low Stock then odds are we only have one or two of those similar vehicles available.


I think the calculator is not working right!

We get live-feed manufacturer programs, seems like a bug with incentives kicked them out of our links, will try to run thru and fix but so far our listed payments are accurate, just fixing the calculator links.


Yeah the incentives did not populate that was all!

Matt question for you. In the case of affiliate “tread lightly” specifically. I was told that if you used to have the membership and just need to renew then there is no need to wait 30 days to qualify for the affiliate! Is that accurate?

I believe that to be true, I renewed mine myself last month - the catch is you need to get the renewal letter and they usually send those in a mail package with a shirt and some stickers. That might take a week or so, they did not email me a copy like my original letter however you may have luck calling for a digital letter in that case. But in short, yes should not be an issue with renewals.


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Last day for $299 Service fee! Code JUNEFASTPASS expires after midnight - fee is fully refundable for any reason so long as we don’t lock a car down, submit credit and prepare contracts (plenty of time to confirm deal details before locking in).


Matt, sent Nate a follow up for answers i am still awaiting from my original inquiry a few months ago. Leased other vehicle’s since, but still open to Ram and Jeep. Just need the Ram set up properly so the Jeep will qualify for loyalty and if i need to get additional tread lightly. Thank you.

Can you DM us your email so we can look it up? I’ll see what the hold up is, I know we’ve gotten tons of leads this month from the fast start sale so may very well be related.


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Sending you one now, thanks a lot!

No problem! Will jump on it this morning

On a 25’ Ram 1500 order, what time of timeline to delivery am I looking at?


Tungsten expect longer etas, I don’t believe production has started on dealer orders yet; other trims should fall under usual 6-8 week order times, maybe 10 weeks tops but most fall within 6-8 weeks. Please note order times are completely dependant on the factory and build times cannot be guaranteed by us or dealer.


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CDJR FL Discounts are valid until EOD today. We have a dealer call on Monday to discuss potential price changes, however we anticipate a good chance of minor discount losses. Our dealer agreed to enhanced fast start discounts until the 15th for further context.

If you are on the fence on one of our deals, I would recommend paying the fee to lock in the current discounts, our fees are always fully refundable if we don’t get to the point of credit approval and preparing contracts (you have plenty of opportunity to verify a specific unit and all deal details prior to this point).



Matt, still havent heard from Nathan the answers to my questions I replied to him (on June 11) that are essential to the sale or I would have closed up after confirming we are on the same page. I also tried calling him two different times, and sent a follow up email yesterday asking for him to return my call. I want to get this closed up and don’t want to miss out on the discounts ive been trying to get since the sale started. Could you please call me? Thank you!

Just saw this post we’re checking out a 4xe base today in FL. So will need to wait till Monday or Tuesday and see if the price updated?

Hello, thinking about a 2025 Ram 1500, but would need it trucked to MN. Is that possible? Or would I need to fly down to sign papers and then drive it home? Also, I’m interested in a Laramie with the Southwest Edition package. Is that something that is available in your area, as I’ve heard it isn’t offered nationwide?


Getting with him now, I apologize for the delays, he is going to be reaching back out ASAP to get your deal squared away.

@J2thez Dealer call got pushed to tomorrow AM, can honor discounts thru EOD today!

@ggMinn We can definitely ship it out to MN and order you a truck, this is the first time I’ve been asked about the SW Edition so our rep Nathan would have to confirm that with our dealer for you.


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