🔥 Auto Ninjas June BMW Deals & Mini Deals! i4s @ 12%, X3s @ 11%, A1 Loaner Deals, Local to NYC w Delivery!

sent an inquiry for a x3

@Rjmaharaj & @cbrown91 - Excellent Jed will reach out this morning

@JiBBski - Yes we will be posting it later today or first thing tomorrow!

A quick note for this month - X5 allocations are extremely light. If you want one, order/grab an in stock soon, most will be sold out by the tail end of the month.

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As an update - the 39 month program, from what dealers have been told, is ending 06/30 and will not return in July.

  • X3s can still be ordered for the first couple days of the month and will be built and delivered in time for month end. Good amount in stock to pick from for now.
  • X5s are getting scarce already, and are in stock only
  • 330xi are in stock/in transit only - a decent handful left, but still some available
  • 530xi are in stock/in transit only - inventory is ok for now

Another Reminder - NJ EV Reg Fee Hike Effective 07/01

  • EVs in NJ will still have 0% sales tax, however, registration fees will increase from approx $500 to $1250 Total for a 3 year lease.
  • Vehicles registered prior to 07/01 (to my knowledge) will not be subject to the new law
  • As a result, it makes it significantly better ($750 cheaper by comparison) to pick an in-stock unit this month as opposed to ordering a car that arrives next month!

new member here, emailed yesterday and texted today about i5. When can I expect a response ? Thx!

Hey! Shoot me a PM and i’ll look into the inquiry and make sure it gets handled asap!

hmmm… whatever could be coming…


Electric…? Exciting :star_struck: