🔥 Auto Ninjas JULY Mazda Deals! LH's #1 Mazda Source! $40k CX-90 Select $259/mo w Lease Loyalty w Inceptions DAS

Excellent Sounds good! The Select deal is probably the single best 3-row gas car on the market today! Selling through them very quickly!

Hi, this sounds like a good next car as we expect addition to the family:)

We currently have an leased lexus NX300 that’s due in October that has around $4000 equity.

Would you be able to swap out the vehicles as part of one transaction?

Yes, we should have no issue doing a trade and coordinating it with one transaction!


Just submitted inquiry on cx90. My wife love blue one tho lol

Submitted an inquiry

Looking for a gray/quartz/blue CX90 Preferred Plus 36 months/10k miles with captains chairs. Credit is high 700’s. Vehicle would be registered in NJ and trying to figure out where the dealership is for Northeast pick up? Looking to keep DAS at around $3,000.

Welcome to the forums! We can help with this (although Preferred Plus inventory is fairly slim I believe at the moment), please submit an inquiry below and our Mazda rep Nick can reach out and assist you with this. No cost or obligation to submit an inquiry and speak with us, we do charge a $599 service fee if you proceed with an offer of ours but you will have all the details needed to make an informed decision of that. Also, as you are new on the forums, broker’s do not disclose their dealer locations until they have collected payment, just in case you plan on asking elsewhere.



Flash Sale Enhancement for 24 HR!!

2024 Mazda CX-90 Select AWD

  • $40,000 MSRP | 9% OFF
  • Lease for $336/mo* | All Qualify
  • Lease for $297/mo* | Conquest
  • Lease for $259/mo* | Mazda Lease to Lease Loyalty
  • Offer Details: https://autoninjas.com/s/CX-0U6705I8MRN6
  • Based on 33/10k lease with Inceptions DAS
  • Discounted $399 Fee!



Wow this is a banger. I’m interested. What colors do you have? Black available?

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are those lease terms available at any other trim levels?

This is the best value deal for sure as it has the best combination of rates and residuals! Other trims have great deals, but this is the best!

Believe we do have a black - shoot us an inquiry and Nick will reach out!

Just submitted the inquiry

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I’m in the market for a cx90 preffered with captains chairs. I submitted an inquiry for finance but got a quote for lease. Is it possible to get an accurate quote ? I’ve been calling but no one answers.

We received your inquiry this morning and Nick sent you an email about an hour ago when we opened, I do see your inbound email shortly after but no inbound calls (unless you are calling from a different number than you submitted on your inquiry). Nick had to step out to handle a personal matter real quick but will be returning shortly, please DM us your best contact number so we can make sure we have the correct one and Nick will connect with you today.


Hi, I have a Nissan Murano Special Edition going back and looking for a replacement. I’m interested in your CX-90 Select deal. I believe I would qualify for Conquest at a min, but if a family member has a current CX-90 lease would that help me get the loyalty?