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2024 Mazda CX-30 Carbon Edition

2024 Mazda Miata Sport 6-Spd

2024 Mazda CX-50 Select

2025 Mazda CX-70 PHEV Premium

2024 Mazda CX-90 Preferred

Loyalty Definitions:

Owner Loyalty - Requires owning a Mazda in the household, no age or ownership type requirements.
Lease Loyalty - Must be returning a current Mazda lease. Aka Lease to Lease Loyalty.
CX-9 Loyalty - Must own a CX-9 in the household; no trade required.

Note: In most instances if Lease Loyalty or CX-9 Loyalty shown, Owner Loyalty also available ilo for Mazda Owners who do not have a CX-9 or current Mazda lease. Please contact us for a quote, or view incentives via lease calculator links provided.

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What’s the DAS on these deals?

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Have 6 payments left on my CX5 ($535). Would really love to jump to one of the PHEV 90s. The 24m leases are a great deal right now. I know there’s incentives aplenty but I was counting on those to keep the monthly lower and reduce down payment. Long story, question: how feasible would it be to get all 6 payments left covered clean (with no added on to my lease) to jump into one of the 90s? I’ve gotten offers from Mazda with past leases usually around the 3 month mark, but I don’t know if they’ll pony up 6 months. Have the deal link and everything ready to go pending on that lol

Short answer, it depends - more than we can discuss on forum comments. Mazda will waive up to $1,000 in remaining payments so long as you are near term (probably <6 months or so), however there is no such thing as a Manufacturer case by case waiving remaining payments beyond that, that will require dealer participation in the form of buying your lease early against your payoff.

That is where the “it depends” comes in, we will need to check your payoff and evaluate your current trade value and see how those figures play out - plus in order to capture all the loyalty rebates we need to have the car turned in or traded at the dealer facilitating the new car purchase so that adds rigidity to the deal. Please submit an inquiry to connect with our rep Nick and he can get an evaluation done on your current CX5 lease and see what we’re working with in terms of options.



Matt, I ended my CX-5 lease in Feb of 2024 and purchased it. Wound this quality me for lease loyalty on the CX-50 lease deal or do you need to have a current lease?

Unfortunately, Lease to Lease Loyalty requires a current Mazda lease to be terminated at time of new lease inception, a previously leased car whether still owned or not, would unfortunately not qualify. However, standard $500 Mazda Owner Loyalty still applies.


Appreciate the time and reply. Will follow up today by email and see what can be done. Thank you!