🔥 Auto Ninjas July BMW Deals & Mini Deals! i5 & i4s up to 12%!, Wild X3 Deals, Loaners Up to 24.25% off!

Hi, any thoughts on when you’ll have 2024 5 series loaners?

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Awesome click the link to submit an inquiry and Jed will reach out!

I sent an inquiry form for a build order 2024 x3 xdrive. Thanks


The only builds we can do still are South Africa builds unfortunately which still have modifiable slots, but will take 2-3 months start to finish! Otherwise, you can also wait for a 2025 build slot too!

Any 2024 X7 (loaner or new) lease deals available? Looking to potentially come out of a X3 lease early

@jsp0406 Yes we have this loaner, we also have new (2025s) ones as well!

Ok, I will pm you. Thanks!


Hi I sent an inquiry form yesterday about the 5 series loaner

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July BMW Deals Are Live!! :fireworks: :sunglasses:

  • The summer of EVs continue, up to 12% off!
  • Some great X3 programs!
  • Local to NYC Dealers with Home Delivery Available!
  • Terrific Loaner Deals!! Up to 24.25% Off MSRP
  • Fast start promo - $200 Off Our Fee Until 07/10

Some Highlights! Loyalty/Conquest Included in Quote!
BMW i4 40e xDrive - $65k MSRP | 12% Off - $461 Per Month | Inceptions DAS | 36/7.5k | https://autoninjas.com/s/CX-3BBAVD3MVNOH

BMW iX 50i xDrive - $92.5k MSRP | 11% Off - $679 Per Month | Inceptions DAS | 36/7.5k | https://autoninjas.com/s/CX-P4JROIPI6UNL

BMW X3 30i xDrive - $51k MSRP | 10.25% Off - $499 Per Month | Inceptions DAS | CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Deal Spreadsheet Link Below

What is the fast start promo ?


More Loaners Added!

Some Highlights - Loyalty Included, 36/7.5k Term

  • 330xi Loaner - 21% Off - $449/mo with Inceptions Due at Signing
  • 530i xDrive Loaner - 24.25% off - $428/mo with Inceptions Due at Signing
  • i7 60i xDrive Loaner - 18% off - $999/mo with Inceptions Due at Signing
  • X7 M60 Loaner - 17.25% Off - $1379/mo with Inceptions Due at Signing
  • Many More In Spreadsheet!



Just contacted you about the X7 loaner.

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Sorry to ask, is this only for certain states? Interested in the ix

We can service most states on the east coast! Shoot us an inquiry and Jed will try to put a deal together. Shipping is case by case based on dealer, but we can accommodate almost every state if a customer is willing to pick it up., with some exceptions like MA.

Would you do a deal in Indiana if willing to pick up?

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Did everyone catch our Mini EV Order Sale on X/Twitter?




2025 BMW X3 Configurator is Live!

  • Configurator is live for the 2025 Model Year: https://www.bmwusa.com/build-your-own.html#/series/X3/sports-activity-vehicle
  • Lease & Finance Programs are not out yet - but, given BMW keeps money factors very similar across their model lineup and usually carryovers residuals, here is a conservative estimate of what it may look like - CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR
  • We can take pre-orders at 7% off MSRP and Buy Rate for the 30i and 4% off MSRP & Buy Rate on the m50i
  • Final lease numbers will be based on available programs at time of delivery

Update - New Loaners Added!

Update One Off 2023 BMW i4 RWD Demo/Test Drive Unit Added

  • $62k MSRP - 14%+ off MSRP & Buy Rate
  • Premium Pkg, Harman Kardon & More
  • $420 Per Month :slight_smile:
  • Inceptions Due at Signing
  • 36/7.5k
  • ~1500 miles on it

2 New X5 Loaners Available along with a few others! Some fantastic Deals