🔥 Auto Ninjas January Florida CDJR Deals!

Happy New Year everyone! What would everyone prefer to see this month?

  • Big Discounts on In-Stock Cars
  • Bigger Discounts on Factory Orders
  • Tomorrow’s Winning Mega Millions Numbers

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Any 4xe Grand Cherokee or Gas Grand Cherokee available for lease tomorrow?

In Stock Deals Posted, and Discounts Updated For January


  • In honor of Ram 23 Order Banks Opening (and Ram launching the builder - finally - on their site) we’re bringing back a flash sale
  • 16% off :1st_place_medal: , Base Money Factor, No Adds, $999 Doc, Rates & Residuals will be lockable :white_check_mark:
  • Valid Until 11:59PM January 10th
  • Go to Ram’s Website, Build your Spec, Enter your final MSRP into the LH calc (see spreadsheet, custom order tab) to the desired car.
  • Adjust the miles per year to your preferences, adjust to your local tax rate, etc to get a quote.
  • Pay the fee (link here and on our spreadsheet), and enter your info. Matt will be in touch within 24 hours of placing your order. The fee is fully refundable if we are unable to order your specific spec. Fee Link: The Auto Ninjas LLC
  • Any questions can be directed at matt@autoleaseninjas.com
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Grand Cherokees 10% w affiliate
GC & Wrangler 4xes 8% w affiliate
Wrangler/Gladiator (Gas) - 10% w affiliate
Ram 1500s/2500/3500 - 13% w affiliate
Durango 11% w affiliate
Hornet - 12% w affiliate
Wagoneer - TBD
Cherokee/Compass - 12% w affiliate