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SOLD - Deleted

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Can you guys do SoCal ?

I like this offer, however I have not heard from you after we initially spoke about trading in my 2021.if still interested please let me know.

No, we can’t sorry!

Unfortunately as I mentioned, we would not be able to get you out clean, and with the small amount of negative equity, it put you over your current payment, which you had stated was a deal breaker. Let me know if you change your mind!

Done. We will see it more quickly next time if you use the Trusted Hackrs tag. I don’t think the tag you used alerted anyone.

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Why not? What states are you willing to sell to?

Cannot do TX, MA, VA (though on exceptions - dealer dependent, sometimes we can). VA DMV has time and time again proven to be an enormous headache. More demand than supply, too.

Are there still CX-9s available? I sent over an email this morning. Hoping to work something out.

Thank you!

Is the 2023 CX-9 GTs - Red/Sand still available.
I am located in Indiana.

  • $47.6K MSRP ~10.1% off MSRP - Most insane discount since February 2020!
  • $374 Per Month
  • Inceptions Due at Signing
  • 24/12k
  • No Loyalty

Are the CX-9 deals also for units in transit to your dealer? Assuming all the paperwork is done by 11/26 am I still eligible? I’d like a harder to get color combo and there are only two on the ground but three in transit to your NJ dealer. Cheers.

Email us with the details!

1 of 1 Deal CX-9 Signature Red/Chesnut - This VIN Only (Aged Unit), No This Is Not Replicable

  • $50.5K MSRP ~11% off MSRP
  • $423 Per Month
  • Inceptions Due at Signing ($3206 for NJ)
  • 24/10k Term or 24/12k (same rv)
  • NJ Taxes & Fees, Loyalty Included (Add $20 for loyalty)

Email jaime@autoleaseninjas.com

  • Name
  • Model of Interest
  • Reg Zip
  • Desired Miles Per Year
  • Desired Drive off Amount
  • Trade/Lease Return Info (if applicable)

I’m interested

Is the CX-9 Signature deal with 0.00001 MF funded by Mazda? I thought they were only doing GT, Carbon and lower trims.

68% RV
.00001 mf for signatures

Damn I’d be all over this in California . My CX-5 lease ending soon

Interested if it is still available

Do you still qualify for Mazda loyalty ($500) if you end a lease early to acquire a new Mazda? I’m in month 25 of a 36 month Mazda lease.

Thanks Ninjas for all you do!

If you turn your current Mazda lease in to the same Mazda dealer that you buy from, and if they allow it along with these crazy deals already (they may not), Mazda currently has 3 reward programs going on. Mazda loyalty $500. Mazda lease to lease $500 (when you turn in your currentMazda lease for another). Mazda trade in $500. That’s $1500. The 2 caveats are that they honor all 3 programs and that you get at least what you owe on your current lease. Good luck!