🔥 Auto Ninjas February Mazda Deals! LH's #1 Mazda Source! HUGE CX-90 TURBO DEALS - 16% OFF MSRP

Are these deals available to purchase at the discounted price or are they only available to lease?

You are 100% correct when you said the spread between invoice and MSRP on these CX-90’s is thin, at present. The fact that you’re offering $2k BELOW invoice, on a newly released car, is phenomenal.

Kudos to you. I want one of these, but don’t need it until the end of July. Hoping the market softens up a little between now and then.

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Yep you can purchase or pay cash.

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These are great. Are these numbers with DMV Fee ONLY or does it assume cash to close? Also assuming 36/10 on all of them

Inceptions are 1st month, dmv fees, doc, acq fee, and taxes.


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Hell yeah - color is incredible! Enjoy the car in good health!

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Can you post the calculator for this one?

5.) CX-5 Premium AWD at 11% off - Silver Ext / Black Int - $346 Per Month with Inceptions Due, 36/10k - Loyalty Rebate ($500) Included

Sure shoot us an inquiry!

Hello, do you guys have any cx-50?

Yep absolutely! Send us an inquiry

Do u not lease to Indiana?

Some deals and manufacturers are state specific. It will say that in the post. You need to tell them what manufacturer/vehicle you are looking at for them to answer that question. You also have to factor in pick-up or shipping from dealer to IN.

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Again delivery from our northeast dealers to NY, NJ, CT, PA. We will make exceptions on a case by case basis on outside states for pickup but not shipping

We CAN ship from our FL Mazda dealer. Discounts are very similar, head over to that thread for inquiry and pricing

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I have no issues picking up.

I saw you guys had great Miata deals last year anything like that in NY this year?

Which trims?

I am taking to the forum as I have not received a response from you. I leased a car last Oct from you and it was delivered to me without a tow hook cover cap. You were supposed to contact the dealer to get it replaced. First your contact was out, then the weather was too bad for someone to paint the part. and now you just stopped responding. This isn’t right. It’s been 6 months and over a half dozen emails. I have been more than patient. Please resolve this asap.


For which car?

Doesn’t a tow hook cover cap cost like $6? Why don’t you just buy one?


Probably lost in shipping. I can’t imagine the shipper picking up the car and not noting that. Pretty hard to miss walking around the car. Personally, I would just go to my local dealer and grab a cover. It’s not like a rim is damaged or the car is scratched. IMO, for the cost of this part, it’s not worth the aggravation of calling, ordering, and having shipped, for free.

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