🔥 Auto Ninjas February Mazda Deals! LH's #1 Mazda Source! CX5 SALE 12% OFF CX5 Select $309/mo w/ Inceptions DAS

any cx-9 deals?

Just sent you my info for the CX-30 :+1:

Rule #1 of this website should be: Before asking a question, read the post 2x, slowly, then scroll up and read 6-10 posts above, slowly.

99%, your question has already been answered. :smiley:


first line too lmao

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Do you come across Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo Sedans ever?

Yes, but almost no one leases them as programs aren’t good - programs are a lot stronger on hatches. Most end up switching over

Fixed it for u

not any more this month. RV dropped 4% on 13 month terms, stair-step programs that incentivized dealers to triple net their units too is gone… MF up. EQS parade is over, it’s oddly satisfying seeing people who passed on 14-15% off deals beg for it back. When it was like $300 in shipping that “killed the deal” the month prior


Amen, brother

Updated Availability, 30% (ish) of the way there, let’s go!

Hopefully that’s mine :crossed_fingers:t2:

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CX 30 turbo premium plus available for lease?

Yes shoot us an email!

Any status on Cx-90? I want a Turbo Premium Plus. Need to lease like very very soon

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Just wondering if, aside from the flash sales you post on this thread, the pricing on your website is updated regularly? Or is it always better to send you an email?

Just messaged regarding a CX-90!

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CX-90 flash sale inbound!!


Will you be posting it on here?

Firesale - $2k below invoice on all of these. Yes, programs aren’t great on them, but there’s virtually zero markup MSRP to Invoice and no one is discounting these right now!

Auto Ninjas Exclusive - Extra 1% off MSRP to Anyone Returning a Lease of Qualifying Brands!!

Email jaime@shopautoninjas.com

  • Name & Phone Number (Required as we often communicate via text!)
  • Model of Interest & Trim
  • Reg Zip
  • Top 3 Colors
  • Desired Miles Per Year
  • Desired Drive off Amount
  • Trade/Lease Return Info (if applicable) - VIN, Miles, Lienholder, Accident History

Sent you a few emails, never got back to me