Set the default at $500 - we will always adjust after lower or higher based on each state. Most states are between $250-500

How come gc xe4 deals got so much worse? Last week you had one for a lot less?

They didn’t get any worse - 2023 MY only has standard programs at the moment, but presumably will subvent them (like they did for the 22s)

What was the black one you had last week? I think had an extra 1000 off.

2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe Base - https://bit.ly/3TPGt4c
Inventory Status: ONE INBOUND
Color: Midnight Sky/Black
Option Highlights: 20" Wheels
MSRP: $64,150
Discount: 13% w/ Valid Affiliate Code (11% w/o)
Term: 27/10k
DAS: $2,995
Payment: $432/mo

Do you still have any of 22s available? I can pick it up this weekend.

I wish we did, we get gifted like 1-2 a month. Impossible to get.

Let me know when next one comes in. Do you deliver them in Florida as well I saw you deliver Mazda for 200

Lets get these Saharas burning gas (and electricity) - need these gone by end of month. These specific sahara discounts increased even further to 12% w affiliate!!

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Emailed Nick and Matt on Black Friday. No response, how do I get ahold of someone to order?

I emailed Nick and got a reply. I did get a faster reply on DM here on LH.

DM me your email and I’ll look into it

Thank you!!

GC Base 4xe, Midnight Sky Ext/Beige Int Available - 10% off w Affiliate, 8% without affiliate. First come first serve

Email Matt@autoleaseninjas.com

  • Reg Zip
  • Model & Trim of of Interest
  • Miles Per Year
  • Lease return or trade in info (if applicable)
  • Disclaimer - LH calc is using November Rates & RV - Will be updated when we have December programs, but i expect them to be similar
  • Private offer of $1k can be stacked on top
  • $999 Shipping to North East for non FL people.

Is this a 22 or 23?

2022 MY Unit

Is the amount down moveable? Could you put less down knowing it would make the monthly go up?

Yes, you can structure it however you’d like.

Base without tech package is not that appealing. The 360 camera in the lux package II is appealing - along with all the nice things in it.

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Many would disagree - the base is a phenomenal value. If you’re not street parking in NYC the 360 camera generally is not a must for people.

It’s nice. I test drove the base but for another $2K more… it would be MUCH nicer - especially for urban cities (doesn’t even have to be NYC). Folks once said backup cameras weren’t necessary either. Want to buy a new car without one?

Sent an email to you.