🔥 Auto Ninjas December Florida CDJR & Ford Domestics, 3 Grand Cherokee 4xe In Stock Now 12/3

Can certainly modify drive offs as you like.

We won’t be offering MSDs at this time. MSDs aren’t available to several states and they’ve proven to take a super long time to fund, so dealers just don’t want to do them

You have an A3 base listed for South in the email but I don’t see it anywhere in the spreadsheet. Was this an error?

Have anything on grand Cherokee 4xe?

Thanks :pray:

Please read through the spreadsheet! We do have orders available!

Added - inventory is going extremely quick down there due to the hurricane wiping out lots of it. There should be directions to inquire within

If you order a GC 4xE and it arrives in 2023… is there any guarantee of the $7500 incentive/credit (whatever it is called)?

Thanks. And do you have a rough ETA for GC gas builds?

And what’s the discount without affiliate? Subtract 1 or 1.5?

Subtract 2 points for non affiliate. Most of the FAQ is on the spreadsheet. It costs $99 to sign up and saves you a significant amount.

Anywhere from 8-16 weeks. Some have been built quickly, some have taken a little longer, no particular rhyme or reason as to the inconsistency with the gas GCs

Any chance you’ll be adding Durangos? Great deals btw!

Confirming Rhode Island residents can’t take advantage of the Northeast Lux deals?

If it’s Audi and you’d like to pick up, I can make an exception, definitely cannot do MA. BMW I’m restricted to NJ/NY/CT/PA

It is Audi! Where is pick up?

No we will not, would suggest opting for the GC or GC-L instead. Much better lease programs as well!

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All FAQs, Pick Up, Shipping Policies, etc can likely be found on the spreadsheet as a freindlly reminder

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No, we are hearing that the Grand Cherokee should keep at least a portion of the rebate but no one knows for sure until Jan 1 comes or more official news is announced, because of this reason we consider any Hybrid orders this close to 1/1/23 to be at your own risk. With that said, Wrangler 4xe Willy’s and base GC 4xe seem to be built very quickly as long as option load is low, other trims likely won’t make the cut.



I wish '23 RAM programs were out. Definitely liking that 16% off.

Would base your assumptions on the 23 Ram programs being similar, but likely slightly higher than the 22 programs. I wouldn’t expect Laramie/Limited Pricing to be much different given small incentive load on them. I would imagine Big Horn will be the biggest increase due to the rebate load now.

Hello AN,

Nice deals posted. Couple of questions before I jump in:

  1. In the LH calculator posted, is DMV + tags etc all included ? If not, how much are they for CA.

  2. Is Government fees fixed at $450 or does it vary by state. Can u confirm what does it include and how much would it be for CA for a 63K MSRP wrangler 4xe.

  3. acquisition fees on the wrangler 4xe are empty, pls correct them.


DMV/Reg Fees in CA are about 1% of MSRP as a safe estimate, sometimes a little more.

The LH Calc Posted Includes all Gov Fees & Taxes - You can Adjust your tax rate or gov fee based on the state you live in.

nice catch! Corrected

Everyone who is just seeing this thread - bringing this up here

Thank you for
Responding. Tax rate is 7.5%, not sure how to adjust for govt fees portion, is it a percentage of something?