🥇 Auto Ninjas December BMW Deals, Mini Deals! $169/Mo Mini Deal, 23%+ off one BMW Loaner, Local to NYC!

MSDs are unfortunately not permitted in NY. If you intend on keeping the car for a while, finance may make sense on these.

BMW Alpina XB7 :fire:

  • $155k MSRP
  • MSRP Deal, $175 Doc, No Broker Fee
  • Marina Blue Ext/Ivory Int, B&W Sound, Captain’s Chairs
  • Inquire for Lease/Finance Quote (and specify which)



What is the delivery time on the green M3?

End of month

Any discounts on i4 orders or in stock ? @AutoNinjas

None in stock or in transit landing soon.

4% on Orders, buy rate, $175 doc, plus eligible for $500 Drive Clean if in NY.

$249 Fee.


These M4s are still available - someone grab them! No broker fee on these!

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:fire: Update - Go Nuts!

  • Every custom order w LH calcs
  • $175 Doc, Buy Rate, Local to NYC.
  • Every custom order with a calc, plus all in stock, inbound or produced not shipped inventory too. *
  • $99 Fee (WAIVED WITH LEASE RETURN OR TRADE) to kick things off to see if this experiments works. Let’s move some units. Waived with eligible lease return
  • Great selection to choose from
  • 9% off 530s, 740s in stock & inbound
  • M4, Alpina, X5M, X6M all In Stock
  • 4% off i4s Plus $500 Drive Clean for NY (only avail when purchasing from NY Dealer)
  • X1 IN STOCK :fire:
  • A Few Loaners to Release Soon Too
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Really want to crank a few of these out before these transition over to MY24 builds (with MSRP increases). Will pretty much match anything, especially deals reg’d in NY on these.

Preferably: https://forms.gle/AA12jvgtSex2ME6U9

If you want to send me a PDF/picture quote to match you can email (but please, ideally, fill out the form)

  • Email Thomas@autoleaseninjas.com with your inquiry
  • Name & Phone #
  • Model & Trim of Interest
  • Cars in Household
  • Build Link
  • Registration Zip Code
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • How much down/total drive off
  • Lease Return or Trade Info

Reminder too! All M cars - including M2 and new body X5M/X6M at MSRP, $175 doc, no fee. Need to grow M allocations!

In Stock '23 X5M at $6500 off MSRP
2 In Stock '23 X6Ms at $6750 off MSRP

X5M Comp
$125k MSRP - $7500 Off
Color: Black/Black
Options: Competition Package, Executive Package, Individual Piano Black Finish
Status: In Stock & Ready to Roll

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BMW XM Blowout - No Fee, $175 Doc - $13k+ off Sticker

BMW iM60 Blowout - 8% off - No Fee - $175 Doc


Post deleted - sold car

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2022 BMW 740i xDrive - Around 9k Miles on it

  • Phytonic Blue/Zagora Beige, Driver Assist Pro, Multi Contour, & More
  • $99k MSRP, ~23% off MSRP
  • $977.51 Per Month
  • 1st Due at Signing NJ TAX INCLUDED
  • 36/7.5k, Loyalty Included
  • $99 To Lock it in - first to pay gets dibs - will be updated the minute its sold

2022 BMW 840i xDrive Coupe - 11k Miles

  • Alpine White/Fiona Red Int
  • $93k MSRP, ~23% off MSRP
  • $927 Per Month
  • 1st Due at Signing
  • 36/7.5k, Loyalty Included
  • $99 To Lock it in - first to pay gets dibs - will be updated the minute its sold

Link to Lock In


Oh man that 840 deal is so hot, i hope these keep coming cause it’s definitely next for me

Gotta love when someone calls the store and they get kicked right back to me. Classic LH crowd, too cheap to pay $99

Anytime you want the 840 its yours, i got you. m850s are tasty too @sledbeagle2


That’s terrible especially over 100 bucks. If you’re that cheap shouldn’t be leasing a 93k car hah.

I’ll definitely reach out when the time is right! Just snagged a 540 a few weeks ago so might wait for a deal on the LCI model.

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Do you have any other 8 series coupes kicking around? I’m not a fan of white.

I just called the demo factory, they said they are fresh out


17.5% on an IX - wow! Is this a one-off or are they offering trunk money?

Demo factory said we need to move them to make room for the 23 demos arriving soon :laughing:

One off