🔥 Auto Ninjas April Mazda Deals! LH's #1 Mazda Source! A+ Deals, $52k CX-90 PHEV $294 Per w Mazda Lease Return

Yes it costs next to nothing and believe can be ordered online.

@Clee2121 - We told service (and reminded them frequently) to schedule an appointment with you, I promise it wasn’t for lack of trying on our end. I’m guessing they either a.) never called, or b.) more likely - called once, the call was missed and just didn’t follow up given the relative insignificance of it (and general abnormality of the request, and request to have it picked up as opposed to brought in - which would have been an exception). Sales and Service are two different departments and unfortunately we cannot exert the control over the service department as we do over the sales department.

Regardless shoot me (Thomas) an email and we’ll cut you a check to allow you to bring to your closest Mazda dealer do it locally. I believe that is the most efficient and quickest way to get this resolved. We’ll pay for it out of our pocket.


I sent you multiple emails over the past few days, no response. Was waiting on a quote for a CX30 Premium Plus Turbo, or even a CX5. This is my last ditch effort

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Thanks Thomas. Appreciate the response.

When will you be getting more info on these deals? I sent an email a week ago and haven’t heard anything.

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I don’t see an unanswered lead under your name. Could you please PM me so I can look it up in our CRM?

Jamie, been sending emails over from last 2 weeks for Cx-5 Premium plus without any response.
Looking to close deal before memorial day. Would you be able to work out a deal with timely responses?

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I don’t see an unanswered lead under your name. Could you please PM me so I can look it up in our CRM?

Thank you.

@nickv have not gotten a PM from you either.

Still have some CX-90s left!

Have some other vehicles up here ^

Do you think deals will get better in coming months?

Discounts, for sure no. Rates - depends what the Fed does, if they raise rates, probably worse, if they lower them probably better. No crystal ball unfortunately. Hope this helps

Will you deliver to Texas?

No unfortunately not

Is this lease only deals?

Do you have any purchase deals for Mazda CX90 or Lexus RX350


Yes the discounts apply to purchases as well as leases!

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Thank you, do you have any CX90 available, would love to see the package options/price

Hey Ninjas. I sent an email and submitted an online request for information on a a CX-5. if someone can get back to me that would be great.

Believe Jaime sent you an email a little while ago. We were offline went you sent your message Friday night, but we’re getting to them today. As a reminder we are offline Sunday and leads from the weekend usually take a little while to get caught up on Mondays due to volume

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Yea he did. Thank you!

Great! Please PM in the future or you can loop me in via email if anything is urgent!

What colors do you have available on the CX-5 Premiums?