🔥 Auto Ninjas April BMW Deals, Mini Deals! Best prices, 10%+ EV Deals, $175 Doc, Local to NYC w Delivery!

any info or calculator on the left over 740

believe it is still available - fill out an inquiry and we’ll send a quote over!

Any loaner/good deal m340’s or 540s?

We don’t have either of those in loaner status at the moment.


  • Allocations just came out and they look a lot lighter than anticipated. We are hopeful there will be a secondary allocation, but at the moment, it will be tight.
  • That means - we have until EOD to lock discounts, rates, residuals etc. We expect discounts to be reduced in December because of this allocation news.
  • Jed & I will be accepting new deals up until 8pm, and working on getting all the approvals done, deals submitted etc the rest of the night!

Let’s have a killer close!

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Filed out your form and never heard from anyone

Bro they busy…why you gotta post on here and say that. Just message them privately.

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Because the deals end today and I’m not sure what they check first. Thanks for bumping the thread though, I appreciate it.

No need to be rude Mr. Viperboy. You really going to make a deal at 10:00 PM on the last day of the month?

Wasn’t rude at all, just stated facts and was prepared to make a deal. Thanks again for the bump, was able to connect with them :kissing_heart:

We got everyone’s app in, approved, and submitted before midnight :raised_hands:

For the night owls - December lease rates and residuals are now out! The core models (X3s, X5s etc) appear to be mostly the same with minor changes throughout, including a non lockable December only APR rate of 2.99%. Will post a more through update when the bulletin comes out! :zzz:



I know I’m late on this particular model, but if there are other Mini Electric deals for someone in MD who doesn’t mind driving up to NY/NJ, let me know. I sent an inquiry as well. First time posting here! Thanks!

December BMW Deals

  • Great Discounts all Around!
  • 39 Month Program is back, but as many mentioned - it is not lockable on orders, and as such, in stock deals are the way to go!
  • 36 month term (same rate & rv) would be the best term for orders
  • Fantastic Inbound & In Stock Inventory Selection on 330s, X3s, X1s, iXs
  • Full order discounts to come later!

In Stock Deals

2024 330i xDrive

  • $51k MSRP
  • Convenience Pkg, Heated Seats & Steering, Remote Start, Park Distance Control, Driver Assist
  • 10.5% off MSRP
  • $465 Per Month ($550 w/o loyalty)
  • 39/7.5k
  • Loyalty calc: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR)
  • Non Loyalty calc: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR)

2024 X3 30i xDrive

2024 X1 28i xDrive

2024 m340i xDrive

2024 530i xDrive

iX Blowout In Stock & In Transit



2023 BMW X2 28i xDrive Loaner @ 25% off Sold :red_circle:

  • $44.5k MSRP Phytonic Blue/Oyster - Convenience & 19" Wheels, Heated Seats & Steer
  • $439 Per Month | Inceptions Due at Signing | 36/7.5k
  • No loyalty

2023 BMW 740i RWD M-Sport Loaner @ 19.25% off

  • $108k MSRP, Black Sapphire/Blk, M Sport, M Sport Pro, Driver Assist Pro, Exec Pack, Lux Rear Seat Pkg, Park Assist Pkg
  • $1099 Per Month | Inceptions Due at Signing | 36/7.5k
  • Includes Loyalty ($3k)

2023 BMW X4 m40i Loaner @ 16.25% off :red_circle: SOLD

  • $72k MSRP, Tanzanite Blue/Cognac, Shadowline, Prem, Carbon Fiber, Park Assist Pkg, Adaptive M Suspension, Remote Start, Harmon Kardon
  • $799 Per Month | Inceptions Due at Signing | 36/7.5k
  • Includes Loyalty ($1k)

2023 BMW iX m60i Loaner @ 19.5%

  • $116.5k MSRP, Dark Graphite/Castanea, Executive Pkg, 21" Wheels,
  • $929 Per Month | Inceptions Due at Signing | 36/7.5k
  • No Loyalty Required

2023 BMW X5 40i xDrive Loaner @15.25% SOLD :red_circle:

  • $698 Per Month
  • Mineral White/Cognac - Parking Assistance Pkg, Wireless Charging, 4 Zone Climate, Heated Front Seats & Armrest
  • Inceptions Due at Signing | 36/7.5k
  • Loyalty ($1500) Included


Mini Cooper SE EV

  • $36k MSRP
  • $169 Per Month ($195 for NYC Cust)
  • $3k Due at Signing (All NJ T&F Incl)
  • 36/7.5k
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I want to do a private transfer of my iX and take this iX m60 so bad

Jack Nicholson Yes GIF

Some new inventory pulled in - now have some signature and iconic. Perhaps the cheapest 2nd car to buy for around town!


X5 40i xDrive - M Sport

  • Carbon Blk/Black Sensafin - M Sport Pro, Park Assist, Premium Pkg, Heated Fron Seats & Steering, All Weather Mats
  • $78k MSRP - 7.25% off MSRP
  • $929 Per Month
  • Inceptions Due at Signing | 39/7.5k
  • Loyalty Included in Calc

X5 40i xDrive

  • Black Sapphire/Blk - Parking Assistance, Prem Pkg, Heated Front Seats & Steering, All Weather Floor Mats
  • $73.5k MSRP
  • $873 Per Month
  • Inceptions Due at Signing | 39/7.5k
  • Loyalty Included in Calc

Mini Cooper S 2 door. Lookin to lease 36/12k taxes rolled in, first and DMV up front only. Red, Black or Blue. Zip 11756.

Looking for x1m35i in Cape York Green Metallic + M performance.
e.g., similar to build code: f7a6635h
zip: 18966
Lease: 36/10k or 36/7.5k | taxes and fees upfront.

Any availability?

Damn great price but wish it was a 2024…id be all over it

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Got just what you need - a 2024 - Perhaps the most sparringly spec’d X5 I’ve seen. Just heated seats, heated rear, & heated steering and metallic paint!

2024 X5 40i xDrive - New

  • Black Sapphire/Coffee - Heated Seats, Heated Steering, Rear Seats Heated, Metallic Paint,
  • $70k MSRP
  • $799 Per Month
  • Inceptions Due at Signing | 39/7.5k
  • Loyalty Included

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