Auto Finance for lease: Credit unions or dealers?

Have perfect credit score. But don’t have any auto loan yet.

Should we go credit unions or dealers in the bay area for 24 or 36 months lease?

Which will be better considering: month factor, possible early termination, gap insurance, and etc?

Credit unions are great to work with if you’re buying a car. For leasing, there aren’t any that offer leases in California.

I’m with DSR Leasing, we’re a dealer alternative. Charge a flat fee and guarantee the best possible deal.

Hope that helps answer your question.

Anthony @

Thank you for the information, Anthony!

In many blog posts on leasehackr, the used APR rate is 1.9% in southern california.

For example,

I have near perfect credit score. Is it possible to get this APR rate in the bay area?