[Austin, Texas] 2018 Mercedes C300 Sedan - $257/month with $2750 incentive, 14 months/12k miles

Naw, I look like a rich single guy with the two cars in my driveway. :joy: It is starting to make me feel irresponsible to carry 2 car payments and 2 insurance payments for one person. I could have waited a year before getting the M2C, but in my mind that’s a year of fun I can have instead! Happy with my decision. I haven’t posted this on the other lease sites yet, but I highly doubt i’ll be offering this same incentive there.

Looks like $257 (before any tax). I’m probably offering too much.

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Nice butts :slight_smile:


I bet your mortgage on that beautiful house is less than half my rent. Jealous.

cries in 70 degree sunshine

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I rent as well. It’s way cheaper than the 1bd apartment I was renting in LA. If I was smarter I should have bought a house instead of the M2C, but I wanted some fun and not ready to own a house yet. :+1:t2:

If you are a non-Texas resident, and move with a leased car to Texas, you do not have to pay taxes on it. If you are a Texas resident, and bring a leased car into the state, you do have to pay taxes.

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This is actually not exactly accurate. You become a Texas resident upon moving there.

As a data point on the subject, I live in Wisconsin and transferred a 340i mid-lease to a friend living in Austin. He had to pay full 6.25% tax on the assessed value of the car at the time (TX has a calculator for this?) Was over 2K cash and absolutely absurd. But he loved that 340i…

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Not sure that’s true, but it doesn’t matter. When you move to Texas you have 30 days to register your car. You fill out form 130-U, and check the $90 New Resident Tax box and you are done.

Long story short, if you are moving to Texas, lease before you get here.

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Good stuff. Hopefully my generous incentive will ease any concerns about potential tax.

I guess it’s normal for numerous people to send a PM asking if it’s still available, and then never reply after you say yes? :smile:

Lol. Nice car n payment. But you will get a lot of trash PM’s here. Honestly, the amount of incentive you are offering, just post on swapalease and it will be gone much quicker. Your chances of finding a local buyer will be much higher.
Also, I suggest you call MBFS, Swapalease and finally to confirm, DMV Texas to have a complete idea of how the process of transfer would work in regards to taxes and all. How would you be able to sell to someone, if you can’t explain the tax consequences properly to them?
Also, you may not even need that much incentive om swapalease. The listing fees should offset it easily and Im sure they have much better experience with this kind of situation.

P.S. Welcome to the M family :sunglasses:


Thanks, I’ll list it there tomorrow. :+1:t2:

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Have a question perhaps someone has knowledge about. If an interested buyer that lives in California took over the transfer, and brought it back to California, how would the taxes work? Would tax be assessed only on a per month basis?

Good question and one I’ll have to field with BMWFS because in Texas you’ve got 3 different scenarios.

  1. Tax was paid up front by the lessee.
  2. Tax was capitalized into the payment. (Paid up front by FS and then split over the term for the lessee)
  3. Tax credits were applied.

Which means there could be 7 answers to it.

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Hi, I’m interested and in TX. Curious about the burn–how will this impact the turn in process? Have you assessed how much MB will charge as a penalty? Thanks

Hi, I haven’t had any reason to look into it yet. It’s minor cosmetic so I don’t personally expect it to be much. Before buying the M2C I was looking into an AMG and the dealer didn’t even notice it when they looked at my car for trade in. Or they did and didn’t care to mention it, which is also possible. So they may notice it, they may not. I’m not worried about it myself. My previous plan was to just have a detailer do a light clean on the headliner spot, I haven’t touched it yet. YMMV

I’ll be paying the November payment soon. Does it sound fair that I reduce the incentive each time I cover a payment? Keep the same general monthly amount, but adjust the incentive accordingly.

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I’d adjust it by half the payment amount.

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Ok I’ll do that. I appreciate all your help/insight my friend. Lease transfer is new to me.

Transfer pending

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