[Austin, Texas] 2018 Mercedes C300 Sedan - $257/month with $2750 incentive, 14 months/12k miles

I just purchased a 2020 BMW M2 Competition, I no longer have a need to keep my Mercedes. She is in excellent condition and I have driven her literally like a grandma since the day I took her home. Hence why I bought a fast sports car, want some excitement in my life. I have enjoyed this car a lot and have had zero issues.

I bought her at the Mercedes dealership in Santa Monica, California on 12/04/2017. I have since moved to Austin, Texas where the car is now located. Would strongly prefer to do a local lease transfer. I do not yet know how taxes work with a lease transfer, here in Texas or in whatever state you may reside. You will obviously be responsible for any required tax.

Here is some info, I will happily answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. Hoping I did the math right.

2018 Mercedes C300 Sedan - Black/Black - 9 Speed Automatic
MSRP: $44,575
Current Mileage: 18,024
Remaining Miles: 11,976
Original Lease Term: 36 months/30k miles
Lease End: 12/2020
My Monthly Payment: $453
Remaining Payments: 14 (just paid October)
Cash Incentive: $2750
Your Monthly Payment (before any applicable tax): $257

You: Cover any application/transfer fees to MBFS. I imagine you’ll need over 700+ credit.
Me: I prepaid maintenance (2) and will have the 20k service done prior to handing over the car to you. As stated above, I’m offering a $2750 incentive.

Notes to consider: You may or may not care but I wanted to tell you that I have smoked cigarettes in the car, and did a slight burn on the driver’s armrest and headliner, both shown in the photos. There are a couple tiny rock chips in the paint, about 1mm, which was unavoidable without PPF. Can easily be touched up. Aside from that, it’s in exceptional condition. I’ve only had someone sit in the back seats 2 or 3 times and carried a passenger probably around 10 times. No pets or kids.

The car has high-end 3M tint. I have the window sticker, owners manuals, and 2 key fobs. Hopefully you can see the options in the window sticker photo. I’m not desperate to sell and in no rush. But she will just sit from here on out. And it does make me sad that she isn’t being enjoyed anymore, so would like to sell to someone that will take care of her and not beat on it.

Thank you,

(OP has been updated with additional incentive.)

When you moved to Austin and received TX plates, were you asked to pay any taxes since CA taxes monthly lease payment and TX taxes entire sales price of the vehicle?

I do not remember being asked to pay any taxes when I moved here and registered the car. I will say my monthly payment in TX went down $45-50 per month from what I was paying in CA.

From your pre-incentive payment and doing some rough math, it seems like maybe you stopped paying monthly tax on your lease payment to state of CA since you’re now a TX resident. But you’re not paying any TX taxes either so…

Maybe @Electric or @Bacons_C.C can chime in.

This is strange case, oddly enough though it’s not the first time that I’ve seen Texas miss the ball on collecting their nickels and dimes as they usually do this when you go to register the car…

It looks like a hot deal if there is no additional tax burden though.

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Anecdotally from my cousins who moved to Texas a year or so ago, when they brought their leased cars in to register they only charged a $90 “tax” per vehicle to bring in. This seems to be consistent with that - that is, FS stops collected texas tax because it is supposed to be paid upfront in full and TX then doesn’t charge tax on a car being brought in by a new resident within certain parameters.

To me the question is whether they will assess tax upon transfer of the lease - they might.


This sounds accurate. I appreciate all information.

There is currently no tax due from me. I moved here in Jan 2018. I do not know if tax will be assessed upon transfer.

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Clarification: I’ll still be driving the car occasionally to keep the fluids and battery healthy.

I’ve decided to add an additional $1000 incentive. For a total of a $2500 incentive. Too tired to do the math. Will update tomorrow.

So if my math is correct, with a $2500 incentive, effective monthly (without any applicable or not tax) would be $275. Again, I do not know if tax would be applied or not. Encourage whomever may be interested to research that prior, I do not want any surprises for a potential buyer. Thanks for reading.


Well, if whoever takes over the lease does get hit with the taxes the incentive should handily take care of that.

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Agreed, that was my intention. Thanks.

What are the end-of-lease charges? Will I have to pay anything if I don’t buy it?

I’ve not looked into that (recently). Would be the same as any other Mercedes. There should be no additional charges if you turn the car in at end of term. Aside from any additional wear and tear as with any car. If you bought another Mercedes they give 3 months off.

A disposition fee is standard for any vehicle lease unless you choose to buy it at end of lease term

Hmm. I’m still learning how this works, so thanks for the information. I’ll stand corrected.

Oh I wasn’t correcting you! Just answering that question above your latest post. :blush:

Appreciate it sir. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to offer an additional $250 incentive for a total of $2750. But that’s the best I can do. The monthly is getting ridiculously low for this car. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dude you must be sick of looking at the thing to blow your brains out on it like that. What does that bring the monthly to?