August numbers for a few cars, acura, Honda, mini, scion


Looking for some numbers to help narrow down options while test driving this weekend. I’m in Los Angeles. Looking for residuals, money factor, and incentives on the following :

2016 Honda Civic Ex 2/24 3/36
2016 Acura ILX base 2/24 3/36
2016 Mini Cooper S 3/36
2016 Mini Cooper S 4 door 3/36
2016 Mini Cooper Clubman S 3/36
2016 Scion TC 3/36
2016 Scion FRS 3/36

Any and all help appreciated!! Thanks!!

Cheaper to lease a tlx than a ilx right now…fyi

Anywhere else I could find these numbers online if no one here has them? Or did I ask for too many? TIA