🛻 Aug TOYOTA! Ship all states! DEALERS NATIONWIDE! Deals at MSRP! Taco sr $260 22 TUNDRA Sr $375! Top $ for trades

Its Cement


That color is cement. It looks great in all kinds of weather.

Like Dpg707, I too got an amazing deal on my Tundra (the one in the picture) thanks to Jim. I watch all Jim’s threads like a hawk just waiting to pounce on the next great deal - that $254 Tundra deal almost had me leasing an extra truck to sit in my driveway.


Get a Tacoma for $200! Haha. Will look like your tundra had a baby


Love the cement color!

Lmao it will sit in my driveway 90% of the time. The deal was downright unheard of. Good luck with the new ride pal.

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Great deal, I may be in touch. Considering getting rid of my m3 lease. I need something with towing capability.


Any deals on off-road access cab?

Sure. Double cab leases best though.


When will 2019 Rav4 Hybrids be available?

how do the banks work if I want to lease a Tacoma?

Not sure what you’re asking. Text me if you have questions or want a quote


texted you yesterday and day before but didn’t receive any response.

Can you quote me for 2019 Highlander XLE

Zip Code: 60706
Credit Score: 800+
Miles: quote me for 12k and 15k
Willing to put down MSDS up to 5k if its refundable and gets me good monthly rates.

Looking to sign a deal this weekend and taken possession of it by the end of next week since i’ll have to travel to philly to pick it up.

Thanks in advance!


How much for a sr5 crewmax on a 24/10 or 36/10? Also where are you located? Phil 631 681 3513

Message me for quotes please

Just text you looking for 2019 Sienna quote…Thanks in advance!

Pricing for April stayed the same at these great low prices!

Camry and corolla have been added

Let’s do 1/2 price first month payment for the next 5 sales!!!

Extending this to the next 3 sales tomorrow!

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Just went to a dealer here in CT and got quoted on a SR5 Premium 4Runner for 687 a month with 2k down :rofl:

Were not ready to buy yet but as soon as we are, I will be reaching out to you!!