Audi TT/TTS in Northeast Ohio

My current lease is up in about 3 months (Caddy ELR) and I was looking at moving into an Audi TT/TTS. From my research, it seems like Audi rarely incentivizes the TT. Is there a certain time of year that would be better than others for Audi? Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Audi dealer that does business in Ohio?

Sorry if my questions are naive, just really feeling things out to start with. I’ve touched base with local dealers and found a new 2016 on the lot that the dealer would only discount $3,500 (from about $50k to $47k) and then another who wouldn’t budge on a 2017 TTS on their lot. Normally I would assume you’d start to see heavy discounting on the 2017’s around this time (but the weak discount on the 2016 leads me to believe otherwise).

Or perhaps I expect too much base on my current lease (MSRP $80k, got for $50k…but that was a unicorn). I’ve never dealt with Audi before, so I wasn’t sure if they are less likely to deal (as their base leasing rates seem pretty weak with a high MF).

Thanks for any suggestions!

Audis are horrible to lease. Better to buy

I was looking at the 2018 S5 sport-hatch ($67k), even when the residual is 60%, they wouldn’t discount more than 6%. With money factor equating 5.5%, the lease was over $1000/month tax included (6.5%)

Thanks Sssmoked. Unfortunately I’m not seeing anywhere near a 60% RV on 36/12k. I know the prepaid care plan adds 1%, but it seems like I’m starting behind the 8-ball on the sale price side. No inflation on the RV and a high MF leads me in the direction you’re seeing of buy rather than lease. I’m wondering if things get more aggressive during their usual “Season of Audi”, holiday sale?

Spent some time over the week trying to get actually numbers and doing what negotiation I can MF/RV = 00043/52% and .00063/48% (36/12 & 42/12). There’s currently no incentives I’m eligible for (only loyalty available).

MSRP - $60875
SP - $55550
AudiCare - $869 (Up’s Residual 1%)
First Month - $718,00
Due on Delivery - $3500 (1st Mo, Acquisition Fee, Doc Fee, and Title…and CCR).

36/12 - $718/672 (w/wo tax - 6.8 Leasehackr Score)
42/12 - $700/655 (w/wo tax - 7.1 Leasehackr Score)

Any thoughts on this? With no incentives, I’m still getting 10% off MSRP. The MF is uncommonly reasonable from Audi standards. But the Residual is dragging me down (non negotiable, set by Audi).

10% is pretty strong for Audi but as you’re seeing they don’t lease well in general. If you’re getting the base money factor the only place that you are going to be able to get the monthly payment down is a lower sale price and/or use MSDs to lower the MF further still, which I would recommend. On the sale price if you don’t ask you don’t get.