Audi SQ5 lease negotiations

We are looking for a 2020 SQ5 P+ in southern California and I just started engaging with the dealer where we have previously leased two Audi vehicles. We are Costco members, so they are quoting the current Costco deal which is essentially 10% off MSRP, and then we would qualify for an additional $750 incentive from Audi. I don’t have all the details I have requested from the dealer yet, but the current offer is nowhere near sufficient for us to move forward. Curious whether anybody else is having success getting the discount before incentive application closer to 15%. Thanks in advance!

MSRP - $61,750
Selling price - $55,575
MF - .00050
Residual (36/10) - 57%
Drive-offs - $2,296 (this seems way too high and it’s after they are netting out $750)
Pmt (before tax) - $599 / mo

If you’re waiting for 15% pre-incentive on a new 2020 Audi SUV like the SQ5 then youre going to be waiting a long time, or at least until the 2021’s start arriving in the fall. I don’t ever recall discounts that steep on SQ5’s under normal circumstances.

And at first glance your deal matches almost exactly the first SQ5 broker deal I found (10% pre-incentive at base MF); So if this deal is nowhere near sufficient then you might need a reality check here :slightly_smiling_face:

You can easily push for another point off. 11.5% would be solid.

I received a quote from dealer in southern california
2020 SQ5 Premium Plus
MSRP $61,810, discount $6,181, 36mo, 12k miles

Minimum drive off: $1,562.49, Monthly payment: $731.77

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@Muwa I’ve seen some 12-13% off… are those unicorns? I got 13.6% off my Q3, but that’s obviously a higher volume car. I have a standing offer for 11% off from a local dealership on any SQ5, but I’d love to push to 12-13 if it’s possible. You think 11.5% off is the best one can reasonably achieve?

I just posted in another topic. Have you considered a Q5E? You should be able to get a 10% Costco discount + $6,711 Federal credit rebate.