🥇 Audi Specials California ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP ~

CALIFORNIA ONLY, NorCal residents must pick up in SoCal

Please PM/Text/Email
Paul 818-434-8063
Gor 424-278-8216
No games, no gimmicks

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Just emailed you about this.
Please let me know.

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Is this the 40 or SLine 45?

What if I wanted 10k miles per year and only do drive off 1000


It’s a 40.
1k DAS, 36/10k, 567+ tax.

If you have anymore questions text one of us directly vs commenting on the thread.

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hi! do you have any deal for a 2023 Q4 e-tron? $0 down?

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Text one of us

nice - just right above the $1k effective

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“CaN u dO 499 a mOnTh fOr eTrOn gT wItH zErO dOwN”


I have F-1 visa with no credit history. I start working on July 24th. My visa expires in 4 years. Am I eligible to lease the A5 Premium vehicle with same price as listed?

With no credit, probably not. Text one of us

Do you have 2024 Audi Q8 E-Tron Sportback - Prestige Trim?

doesn’t sportback premium come with pano roof?

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Yea, typo.

These are 2024 q8 etrons, correct? Don’t believe a 23 exists?

Yes, typo. They’re 24’s

What is the increase in monthly for the Q8 ETron with 10K, 12K, or 15K?

I believe the best option is to just get 7,500 miles and pay for whatever miles you drive over as the fee per mile is exactly the same as the increased monthly, but you don’t run the risk of driving less than you signed up for.

618+ tax for 10
641+ tax for 12
686+ tax for 15

If you have any more questions text one of us vs commenting on the thread.