Audi S5 Sportback - Please Help Rate This Deal

Hi All,

I am leasing for the first time. Always bought or built mustangs. I’m moving from NY to CA next month and need a 4 door car. I love the S5 Sportback. I really need something day one when I land in SoCal so I started looking in NYC. I’d have to ship it so the dealer offered me the below price. Please help me understand if it is good enough to accept and have shipped across the country or if I should hold out for something in CA. The way I see it is that if I don’t get something day 1 I’ll have to rent for 2-4 weeks which would offset the shipping cost to some degree.

2019 Audi S5 Premium Plus with Black Optics Package and Vented Seats
MSRP - $59,545
Sale Price - $53,950
Money Factor - 0.00180
Residual 58%
36 months - 12k miles per year
$5000 drive off
Negotiated Audi Care included, not just first service
The monthly payment is $698 (if I include the $5k then it comes up to $840/mo - total over 3yrs is $30,240)
Leasehackr Score: 6.9

Appreciate any advice here. I have about a week to decide.


For 840 a month, you might as well just buy it.

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That’s a terrible deal honestly. You’d be better off getting a rental car for a few days and trying to find something here in SoCal.

Agreed. Horror show deal. Why wouldn’t you buy it?

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Could finance a used one with minimal mileage for that payment.

I have never lived outside of NY and assume I will need 2 cars in CA. I planned on buying 1 inexpensive SUV like the Mazda CX-5 and lease the S5. I think when I ran the numbers, the purchase didn’t make much sense on the S5. More sense on the A5 but I wasn’t happy with that car at all.

I reached out to @Omegaautogroup to see if they could get me a better deal but haven’t heard back yet.

Anyone know where I could get a better deal or what a “good deal” would look like on the S5?


I honestly haven’t seen deals on sportbacks being below 700’s. They don’t lease well at all because of lack of lease support. Most of the support goes to the S4 instead since those don’t move as well.

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I would contact Donnie or Guan and set up a deal. You can have it in place and pick it when you arrive. No sense in buying a car there and shipping it when you can just pick it up there, not only to mention those guys have great deals and no hassle fwiw


Definitely don’t ship from NY to CA. Doesn’t make sense at all. You can rent a car and it won’t be as expensive as shipping for sure.

Also not concerned about the monthly cost. I’m concerned about the total. I think its pretty crazy to spend $30k for 3yrs and walk away with nothing. I would prefer a lease over purchase but I’ll take a good deal on a purchase if I can find one. If leasing, I’d like to keep the total 3yr cost under ~$21k. I’m being told that is just not possible on the S5

Keeping total cost under 21k is definitely not possible on an S5 sportback.

These seem like one in the same thing… But your not getting a S5 for $583/mo all in.

@TheAvia7or @legendsauto the real question is what is possible. I know I’m not going to get exactly what I want. I just don’t want to get ripped off or pay $600/mo on an A5 that I won’t enjoy in the slightest. I don’t want a 4 cylinder car.

To all that have replied so quickly on this - I really appreciate the help here!

When I moved to CA from NY I negotiated over the phone and email with a dealer in CA and literally took a cab to the dealership from the airport. Signed and then took home the car to my new apt. I very much suggest you consider making a deal in CA and grabbing the car there. With CA DMV being a pain much better to let a CA dealer handle from the beginning. My 2 cents. Good luck. S5 is amazing but not a great lease. PS Also in CA you can do MSDS to get the total 3 yr cost down quite a bit.

Great advice @54YHUPIER - I am actually going to fly out to LA next week and get my DL started. I already have proof of residency/address. Agreed that getting the car in CA would be highly preferred.

I’m not familiar with MSDs but researching now. I thought that wasn’t an option on Audi, but maybe that’s just NY. Any helpful links so I can learn about it quickly?

Msd not available in ny. What it comes down to is you want us to make you feel better about this lease. The s5 lease blows…your deal will most likely blow…if you want the car w a crappy deal it will be an amazing car w a crappy deal. How crappy will depend on how much support/willingness to negotiate there is. Make no mistake though, a crappy lease that’s negotiated is still a crappy lease. But hey the amazing car part won’t change :smirk:

@Lax854 :rofl:

You are right. I am just not feeling good about this but I love the car. I honestly was hoping someone would help me find a deal I could swallow. I am taking everyone’s advice and reached out to CA dealers. Donnie is already working something up for me.

I do have my heart set on the S5 Sportback but would be open to the M340 - just have to sell my wife on the lack of warm weather package. Can’t believe that even on an M, BMW doesn’t have cold seats!

If we’re talking m340 the deals are there man. I’m talking lower 600s nothing down 36/10 and that’s without msd. I don’t mean to be mean w my post…I do it sarcastically to get you to realize the s5 will not lease well. It will never make financial or hacker sense for you to get it. If you WANT it though…different story. No one will come on here and tell you what a unicorn you got by spending 800 on a 58k car

@Lax854 I hear you and didn’t take it negatively. I got a laugh and agree completely. Thanks for your comments and advice!

440i gran coupe is also something to look at. Waaayyy cheaper to lease than the S5

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