Audi S5 Sportback Lease

Looking at getting an Audi S5 Sportback Lease, doing the calculator based on the residuals on edmunds, combined with my F&F discount at Audi…haven’t gone into dealer yet, but I wanted to gut check on this.

Also I’m trading in my paid off car which is worth ~$33k (not factored in here, except for the $8,250 MSD). I assume a one time payment lease is generally not a good idea due to gap insurance risk?

[2018 S5 Sportback Premium]

MSRP: [$68,600]
Selling Price: [$64,706]
Rebates: [$750 Loyalty Bonus]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00180]
Residual: [61%]

Security Deposit: [$8,250]
Total Due At Signing: [$2,120]
Monthly Payment (no tax): [$752]

Sales Tax Rate: [8.75%]

Monthly Payment (inc tax): [$816]

Good deal? I assume the MF is non-negotiable (and maybe worse if the dealer tries to mark it up)

Great deal for the salesman.

He will be enjoying a trip to Italy on your pocket.


Are you sure it’s not a Prestige? I don’t think a Premium Plus can get that high on msrp. Something is off in your summary.

90% of the audi leases I see make me squirm…this is one of them…Audi is by far my favorite out there, why oh why will you not allow yourself to be hacked!

Selling price strikes me as reasonable given that the S5 Sportback is the latest Audi hotness. That MF is atrocious… you may to want to find out if that’s the base money factor rate or it’s being marked up. But yea another example of why people say Audi’s don’t lease well.

This is the MF after MSD? Are they trying not to lease these things?

Blech. Beautiful car, but they’re trying to pick your pocket.

That’s before MSD , which brings it down to 0.00140

Sorry it’s a prestige

Sounds like I’m almost better financing it given I’d have a 33k down payment…

How’s your credit?

That MF equates to 3.3% APR which kind of sucks.

It’s amazing how horrible Audi leases are, even with a car like this that has a 61% residual which is a good residual for 36 months

hi mah4546

Pardon my ignorance, help me understand:

I am also looking at the S5. Looking at edmunds MF s typycal: 0.00123 with RV going from 56% to as high as 59% depending on the package with 36/12

I can see that Q50 or Q60 go with MF as low as 0.0003, which is essentially interest free. However the RV is around 50-51%

So here is my math: take a 50K capitalization for simplicity.

For Qx0, the cost of lease with 0.00003/50% is $20,237
For S5, with 0.0123 and 58% RV it’s $18,733

My question is why is everyone advising against leasing Audi as some of the worst deals? What am I missing here?