Audi S5 lease quote


Did every tire on each corner of the car get replaced?

On my previous car (M550) I replaced only the right front tire, but the same one twice.

The second time was within the complimentary 12-month road hazard coverage that came with the tire it replaced, so I only paid labor and tax ($50ish).

PS: I’m seeing $1,849** out the door for four OEM 20"ers on an S5 Sportback from Discount Tire.

** $1,503 if I decline the optional road hazard coverage, which I always do.

So OP would have to go through at least 6 tires in 36 months before coming out (ever-so-marginally) ahead, and that’s if none of the tires replaced more than once have road hazard coverage comped.

There is a discount, get it below $2000 but not much. They also weren’t pushing this, I asked for it because I am in NJ. I think I beat them up on front end so much that they saw this as their opportunity to make some money. Got a link to those oems?

Premium plus. I’ll take an okay deal. I need a car for next weekend so I’m saving a few hundred there. Also, I thought the dealership experience was good. I’ll pay a little bit for that.

You want to sign a $33k contract and saving a few hundred on a rental car is part of the thought process?

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Not with a 7.xx % discount.

Is this a local dealer?

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