Audi RS5 lease?

First off I know Audi usually leases horrible but I’m hooked on the new RS5.

Dealer is a bit dodgy on details but here it is…

MSRP 81,499
O drive off
1450.00 per month

I believe the MF is somewhere around .0236

Term is 36/12


the deal looks pretty bad, but I’m sure the RS5 won’t be a good candidate to lease

Over $50k for 3 years no thanks

Just buy it. Why would you pay ~$52.000 for 3 year lease?

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Also, you should compare what almost 1500 a month would get you - way more than a car worth 81k.

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You a dealer’s dream come true. Hope you posting it as a joke.

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Sheesh go lease an s560 coupe

That money factor has to be a typo. If it is actually .0236 that is the equivalent of a 56.6% interest rate.

Tell you what: if you are dead-set on leasing this vehicle, I will loan you the money for it at just a 30% interest! What a steal!

The new RS5 is nice but that’s more than a 911

That’s more than some people were paying for a NSX!

good lucking leasing this car. you are better off buying the car and trading it in when you hit 2 years in since the resale is going to be really good.

I love leasing, and I love audis, but you’re nuts if you lease this Audi.

Just buy the car like everyone else said.

Sorry MF was .00243 I passed on the lease and did a purchase. Still a bit spendy but I have wanted an Audi RS since the early 2000’s RS4.

I owned a 2007 RS4 for an entirely too short time period, I loved everything about it and it was such a sleeper of a car to 99% of people. I’ve owned a lot of cars, and that one is definitely my favorite of the bunch. I love the RS5 interior though, it’s my favorite Audi interior by far (one of my previous jobs had me in hundreds of cars a week, and I had 2 Audi dealers so I drove quite a few).

Which exterior color did you go with?

I lease a 200k NSX for less than that. I’d definitely choose the NSX.

For comparison somebody in the trophy garage thread leased a Jaguar F-Type S Convertible Demo with an MSRP of $102,000 for $561/month and a BMW 550i GT loaner with an MSRP of $85220 for $425/mo.

Yes please OP buy the thing if you like it that much… def not worth the lease

I can have Sclass and Fiat roadster at same time and LG OLED TV.

Nardo Grey with red stitching on the interior. Good or bad deal aside, I absolutely love this car.