Audi RS Etron GT

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Hi hackers,

Looking to get into an Audi RS Etron GT(in stock) was offered at MSRP and buy rate.

Want to get opinions if it’s worth it to go for it?

Do you guys think I’ll have equity or break even if I want to get out of it in a year?

Looks like the car market is getting worse? From not only chip shortage, also the war is hitting our car market too.


What’s your monthly and DAS with buyrate and MSRP? Nobody knows how the market will be in a year so make sure you want to drive this for the next three years.


Thank you for responding! I don’t remeber the exact number, but it’s roughly about $10k drive off and 2150-2200 a month including CA tax.

A worksheet would make it possible to evaluate the deal. What you’ve shared isn’t sufficient.

As for having equity in a year, :man_shrugging:t2: but my uneducated guess is no. Be prepared to drive it to term.

$90k to drive a car for 3 years sound absurd to me but it’s your decision.

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