Audi RS Etron GT - One pay lease end options

Hi fellow hackers,

I am wondering if there is a way to end my lease witb Audi earlier without a significant penalty.

I got the car in Feb for one pay of $~14.6K. Its 165K MSRP. I am trying to gauge what are my options.

Appreciate your advice. Thanks

One year lease ?

Its a 1 year lease

Short answer is no.

Sell the car: negative equity.

Early termination: in CA I think you owe the lesser amount between the negative and the remaining payments, still a big sum either way.

Transfer: Audi just adds another driver. Doesn’t remove your liability (not just remaining payments but all charges at the end or the entire value of the car if it’s totaled without insurance). It’s like adding a stranger to your rental car contract after a credit check and watching them drive off.

I early termed my EGT with no penalty, but I owed no depreciation


you can’t owe more than the total of your lease payments. given that theyre already made, he just owes dispo. the onepay is gone.

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Walking away from 9 of 12 payments = that’s $10,000+

he paid it already. he shouldnt have any excess liability. yes, i realize his onepay is gone, but it sounds like he doesnt want the car.

OP - honestly, in normal temperature conditions, the car’s actually pretty sweet. i’m very happy w it. it beats the hell out of that lemon maserati i also took…

Easiest answer is to call Audi FS and find out… once OP has the firm numbers, he can decide

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yes, temperature went up. getting 3 miles / kwh now, and charging is much much faster. this car sucks in cold weather climates, but in warmer temps, it’s very nice.

I called Audi FS and its confirmed that i wont be able to get anything back since i paid upfront.

I am going to just keep it and drive.

I will take it at 50% off if you want? lol

Insert @lease125

I love my Etron, sucks i have to give it back after a while :frowning:

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Thanks for the offer but dont see a value in taking a big hit. Its an RS Etron GT with a 165K MSRP.

Also, Audi doesnt allow for transfer for less than 10 months remaining.

I almost bit on one of these last Summer. Now I’m seeing several members here unhappy with the car. Just curious, what’s the issue? I can usually last two years before I get really bored and make a bad financial decision.

No issues with the car. I love it.

My work schedule has changed and now i am traveling for work 2 to 3 weeks at a time so car will be parked collecting dust.

Man ill take it from you , you have already used 5k of the 15 you paid . Ill give you 6k and drive it for the rest of the term . You will only be out of 3k . Add me to your insuramce wich ill gladly pay every month . Done deal

Thanks for offer but not worth it to add someone else to my insurance and deal with the hassle.

Give me 8.5K and transfer to your name if you can through Audi.

Where are you located? I’m interested if you’re local.