Audi rear ends lambo, however, lambo driver at fault

Interesting turn of events on this one. Check out the updated video at the bottom. This is indicative of the news cycles from both sides of the spectrum these days…

Audi on Audi crime is tough these days.


I hate the fact that I was too sleepy and clicked on a tiktok anything! But more to the point, this is why I have front and rear dashcams and seriously thinking about adding left and right to the mix as well.

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Def. you saw the second part of the video right? With the lambo actually side swiping the Audi first, then almost running over the bicyclist…well that was actually the first part that was left out of jalopniks terribke reporting

Dash cam is a must have these days at the very least. I’m buying one right now! Haha


Must have for sure. Otherwise its your word against everyone else.

Wow I only ever seen the first part of the video when the Audi rear ended the Lambo. Thought the Audi driver was tweaking.

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HAH I saw the original TikTok like 3 days ago. Sided with the lambo, but obviously wasn’t full context.

Least this guy didn’t roal coal then run over a few cyclists. That utter clod should be in juvie right now.

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I’m betting that girl is getting blown up with lawyers that will be trying to sue that lambo guy. In our clown world she could prob blame him for her rear ending him at the end of it all.

Had she kept her cool she would have been fine. But now she’s technically at fault for his damages from what I can tell.

I’ve learned a new thing a while ago - don’t side with anyone with internet videos unless you can see what lead up to the incident, the incident itself and aftermath in a single video, undedited and unaltered with commentary. And even then take it with a grain of salt.


Just wait until “deep fakes” start getting better. Technology is a major double edged sword. When you can no longer trust your own eyes then the world is going to become a very scary place.


hence the “even then take it with a grain of salt”. It’s getting harder and harder to believe anything online.

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I think it’s totally fake.
There are four different cameras.
Camera 1- The Lambo guy recording the girl (it could have been quick thinking on how to pin it on the girl… but not only you have to be a super douchebag, but also react real fast on your fake story)

Camera 2- A recording from a phone or security camera from the gas station showing the girl hitting the lamb ( okay… 1 in a 1,000 chances… fine let’s go with it)

Camera 3 - a third recording showing a new angle that makes the lambo guy at fault comes to light after the fact (1 in a 1,000,000 chances, but okay.)

Camera 4 - Yet a new angles pops up once everyone is all pissed at the lambo guy showing the girl kidda cutting him off, creating the accident.

I don’t know… it makes way more sense it was planned