Audi Q8 Premium Plus Lease


Malibu, CA / Audi Q8 Premium Plus/ Mythos Black / S-Line Plus / 36 months / 12,000 miles / $2500 down / residual 57%

What is a good lease I should be starting at when neogating with the dealership right now?

Have you seen any recent Q8 deals for less than MSRP? Being in CA doesn’t help either.

I do have one currently at MSRP. I’m just looking for a base lease lease contract should be shooting for?

Call me tomorrow and I’ll provide you with what you are looking for


Unfortunately I was hoping to lease from Beverly Hills but the mark ups were outrageous.

You don’t have to lease from us I’ll still help you with numbers


Awesome appreciate your assistance

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Audi of Carlsbad was selling at MSRP, at least in February when I was looking. Also, my understanding is that as of March 1, Audi is only allowing a certain mark up of the mf (up to .0004 I think). If both are still true, then shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the numbers.

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