Audi Q8 Premium Plus Lease Good or Bad? - Atlanta, GA

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Hi - I’m looking to lease a 2021 Audi Q8 Premium Plus and wanted to get your input on whether it’s a good deal or not?

MSRP - $82,010
Discount / Rebates - $10,201
Window Tints - $499
Adjusted Price - $72,308

Trade Allowance - $20,000 (2020 Honda Civic Sport)
Trade Difference - $ 52,308
Doc Fee - $699
GATAVT - $2,404.03
Non Tax Fees - $47
Net Price - $53,161.55
Trade Payoff - $20,618.95

Balance - $73,780.50
MF - 0.00127

36 months / 12,000 miles
0 Down - $1,125 monthly

Your input would greatly be appreciated.

Thank You!

For starters you need to separate the pre-incentive discount from the rebate to see how much the dealer is actually discounting.

Have you verified the base MF from Edmunds and compared to what this dealer is offering?

And how much has Carvana and Vroom offered for your Civic?

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Thanks for the response

Out of the $10,201 discount, it includes a $2,000 Costco Rebate. Everything else is the dealer discount.

The good here is you are getting a car you want and have enough of diaposable income to shell out on it. The bad, you are giving the dealer a (leased?) vehicle that they’ll flip for a profit and you really get nothing out of it other than the the ease of getting out of one car and into the next. I’d sort out the value of your civic first. I’d also look at broker sheets found on this site and compare their deals to yours. Each region is different with rebates and incentives but I’ve seen Q8 P for under $1k with $0DAS in the northeast. Also confirm which banks owns your Honda, US Bank has been knows for hiking the dealer buyouts.

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