Audi Q8 Etron deal check

Please pass the deal on to others ….

I got quoted $800/month for a $92600 Prestige 36/10k in Texas. First month and TTL only at drive off.

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what is the sale price and the incentives offered …
how is it amounting to $800/mo

If that’s true , take it

So about $6500 due at signing then?

Just got the car today $822/month for 12k/36. First month and registration at signing only. I’ll post my worksheet soon

Lease.pdf (414.8 KB)

Highlights: MSRP was $92,600 or around that number
The initial down payment is $2500 which includes first payment, $1000 for 3 services with Audi Care and the rest is registration and licensing
Addons: $400 for tinting which is included in the price, $400 for any regular wear and tear items needed during servicing such as vipers or brake pads and $1600 for tire and rim replacement with zero deductible.
It’s interesting how they used the rebate as a CCR. Also, the general manager generated a VIP code after calling someone to make the discount off MSRP. Hope this is of help to someone.

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That seems to fit definition of a snake oil to a “T”!

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I was wondering why your payment was so high for such a fantastic deal, and I see now - you got hosed in the finance office. Don’t buy that shit next time, dude. Congrats on the VIP code, though. You did OK other than the BS add ons that you didn’t need.

While I don’t disagree with you regarding the addons, there are some facts that I need to disclose:

  1. This car will have close to 45,000 miles when we are done. More risk of road hazards.

  2. This is Houston. Highways are great but inside roads are potholes.

  3. This is my wife’s DD. Based on her track record, she will curb these rims and bubble the tires Atleast 6-8 times. I will likely come out positive on that plan.

  4. The term care cost vs. the regular wear and tear items that will need to be changed every service will likely be even. I do agree that this is likely crap, but in the bigger scheme of things, it’s peanuts.

Points for at least thinking it through - I’ll give you credit there and defer accordingly. I hear you on the wife and curb rash. Hey, even I rash my rims from time to time. And then I go cry into a bucket.