Audi Q8 36 month

I’m new to the board, and not familiar with lease terms. We got in an accident in Audi Q7, and the wife is sold on Audi with the car being totaled.
I’ve got to purchase car sooner rather than later, like in the next 2 to 3 days.

MSRP $69875
Price after discount $61521
One time Pay lease is $28787

Also have option of 3K down with $813 payment.
Total lease payments would be $32,268

Any suggestions and what do you think?

You need to provide more details such as MF and RV. Where are you located? Also, you probably don’t need to buy a new car in the next few days. Consider renting a car for a week as it could save you thousands to get a decent deal. Q8 doesn’t lease well though.

I’m in TN

R.F.D. - 58%
Not sure of the money factors I will get that info.

Also ask them for a breakdown of incentives VS discount. Honestly though a $896 payment for a $70k is not good. Q8 is fairly new so you are going to pay the premium if you want it.

New numbers

For three year lease @ 7500 miles

Monthly payment 720

Money factor .00139

Residual 58%


Who knows if it’s good. 7500 miles is nothing, so I’m guessing you are comfortable that the vehicle will not be driven often.

What’s the MSRP of the vehicle you’re looking to buy? It’s an Audi so I’m sure there are 3 different starting levels and gobs of different options. What are the dealer discounts being provided? Dealer discounts is the price BEFORE any incentives that the dealer is providing. What incentives then are there from the manufacturer?

For only 7500 miles, that residual doesn’t seem great to me. As it was said, Q8 is new, I doubt a lot of deals are happening at the moment.

money factor is the base (good), if the residual is correct (I assume so), and the msrp at about 70.XXX it is a decent deal considering the Q8 is a fairly new car on the market.
If you will go with 12k a year the residual will go 2% down so an extra $1400 to be added to the life of the lease. Monthly payment will be around $ 765 per month.
If you can, wait until October 1st to see if any incentive will be offered, for some reason Audi in September lowered or removed completely the incentives on almost all the models…

Just got info back from the dealer
$20 more per month for 10k Miles
$40 more per month for 12K miles

I feel like it’s a decent deal. I am leaning towards waiting until October

Overall looks like a great starting point consider Audi isn’t the best in leasing game and Q8 is new and rare.

Anyways, Audi doesn’t even offer things like loyalty or is it counted already? Maybe push a little more on the dealer discount as well

yeah, I would wait if you really do not need it today, last month there was $1000 incentive on it, no much, but better than nothing, also if you are a returning Audi customer there should be $750 in loyalty