Audi Q7 Premium 2.0


Hi Hackrs

After reaching out to multiple dealers and negotiating multiple offers, this is the best deal I am getting on a Audi Q7 Premium 2.0

MSRP - 57,340
Selling Price - 50,325 (Discount 12.2%)
MF - .00103 (marked up from .00093 but dealer not ready to negotiate)
Residual - 55%
Incentives - 2500

Monthly - 540.68
DAS - 2852

Multiple dealers are ready to give this deal but I was hoping for something within 500 pm range with same DAS. Please let me know if this is a good deal and is there any way to negotiate this further and should I wait till end of the month to see if something changes.

Attached Leasehackr calculator link and Leasehackr score is 8.5

Maybe @Cars4Us can help out?

From what Ive seen, that discount is fairly solid. I would Pit the dealers against one another and see if you could get $500-1000 more off.

But even the 0.001 MF difference is only realistically adding $8 dollars to the payment. Is this deal happening in NYC or NJ? Cause if you can do MSD it will lower your MF which will payment to what you want, see:

Audis dont lease well, as you know, so it is what it is.

Have you looked at an Volvo XC90 which are leasing good in your region?

This is NJ and I have seen XC90 T5 Mom and feel that the interior doesn’t give particularly luxury feel when compared to Q7 and T6 Inscription will be out of my budget.

Discounts on volvos are good right now, but youre right i was thinking more of the momentum range from you just looking at a Premium Q7 (Especially since these are with low DAS).

XC90 T5 starting at 367 + tax
2020 XC90 T5 Mom - 356+tax
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Are you about to put down some MSD’s that youll get back at lease ends being in NJ?

He’s definitely contacted both of us and compared us to a bunch of dealers

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I even got his license

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@nyclife @aronchi Ouch, not a good thing for him to do.

Agreed. That’s not how this is supposed to work :frowning:

Hey guys, I just compared the deals provided by both @nyclife @aronchi on T5 Mom and did I do something wrong by comparing it? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do and see what is the best deal you can get? Obviously, the deals provided by both of them are amazing and couldn’t come even close to the one Volvo dealer I visited to test drive.

Anyways, that discussion is out of the picture since didn’t like the interior of T5 Mom. Just to stay on topic, any feedback on Q7 deal will be really appreciated.

Actually you agreed to a deal, sent me a license, then shopped it, and then decided that nobody should get paid prior to shifting towards an audi, in which you’ll pull the same exact thing.

Ouch Im out on this post, good luck with that attitude on here.

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