Audi Q7 leases 😱

What’s with Audi leases?. They’re terrible. I see the Q7 2.0 is about $5800 less than the 3.0, but I don’t know if that 4 cylinder could get out of its own way. I didn’t drive the 2.0 yet… but I do like the Q7.

Audis have never leased very well. They are much better to finance in my opinion. There are a lot of good 2 liter four cylinder engines out there. Growing up, they were pretty terrible, but not anymore. If I remember correctly, the Mercedes 2.0 in the CLA45 AMG is currently the most HP per liter. Mercedes is getting 375 HP out of those engines with 26lbs of boost. Amazing.

Q7 252hp. Can’t really find any drive reviews. I would not be towing anything.

Youtube has some good ones.

This one is just driving in the 2.0t. It has no review but give you a good idea of cabin noise and engine noise.

Can anyone give me an idea whether this lease is a decent deal?

Prestige Q7

MSRP is 71935 but . . .

Selling price is $66,475
Residual is $40,474
MF .00179
$4K at signing
Tax is $83.09
36 months
10K miles/year

Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions?


$958/month and $4k due at signing and you still need to ask? You’d have better luck with a P+ over the Prestige.

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That is quite terrible. You could be leasing a $100k+ vehicle for that price. Audis generally don’t lease well, but this is really bad.

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@Jon and @anon98469396 - Many thanks to each of you. The offer (re a Prestige) is competitive or better than other offers we’ve seen in our market/area; but apparently still horrible. Thanks for flagging. We appreciate the perspective and the quick reply. We’re not interested in the P+ . . . if we can’t get a good deal on the Prestige, we’ll just wait or go with a different manufacturer. Thanks again.

Good luck on your search. There are definitely some worthy models in that price range for that type of vehicle. I don’t drive SUV/crossovers (that’s my wife’s thing), but the Volvo XC90 redesign has me considering one.

We drove the XC90 . . . just didn’t seem to perform as well as the Q7. Impressive interior, but we just felt better in the Audi. Unfortunately, neither one of them has had a glowing maintenance record so far . . . Best of luck to you.

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Where are you located? And what features do you need in the Prestige trim that isn’t available in the Premium+?


Need is too strong a word; it’s more a matter of things we’d like to have; and after one adds packages to the P+, the pricing difference is something we’re probably willing to shoulder for the additionals. But we’re not willing to pursue a lease that is a bad deal relative to other leases Audi has issued OR relative to leases available from competitors for comparable vehicles. We’re in no rush; our current vehicle runs great; we liked the Q7 and would go that way IFF we got a great deal.

Thanks again!

You can easily get 10% off MSRP before incentives on the Q7 in LA. It’s not about MSRP that makes the Prestige bad, it’s the RV. You can load up a P+ to be close to the Prestige, but the RV is much better. Also, you should put max MSDs to lower your payment.

Contact @IvanAudi. But as he states, if you’re looking for a great deal on a Audi compared to other brands, forget it. Audi seems to not even try to compete with other brands. You will pay more to drive an Audi.

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Super helpful Jon. I’ll work with the dealer on all fronts and see what emerges. Thanks again!

Also, just in case others are reading this thread, the MF was .00179

Just noticed the RV and MF don’t match what Edmunds is saying. If it’s though AFS, it should be 55%/.00201 MF for 36/10k in CA. Is it a loaner/demo and is the dealer using a 3rd party bank (ie US Bank)?

I have a graphite gray prestige for the same MSRP.

I can do it for $780 plus tax $4k DAS 36/10k miles a year.

This is through US Bank and you must have stellar credit. Please reach me at 626-646-9882 for further assistance.

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@IvanAudi coming through. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

Can you tell us the RV/MF difference on that P+ between AFS and US Bank?

To put the new 4 cylinder into perspective the 0-60 time is actually faster than the previous generation 3.0 supercharged Q7.

On average it will save you $100 month and the options are nearly identical to the 3.0. (Can’t get prestige in 2.0)

I would highly recommend driving the 2.0 and see if the 3.0 is worth the price difference. If you’re not towing and just doing mainly city driving, the 2.0 should be enough.

Lastly, the Volvo xc90 is also a 2.0 4 cylinder engine as well.