Audi Q7 2019 SoCal



Hello Hackrs,

I read that Audi is able to better lease vehicle, but got this worst lease possible offer back fro my local SoCal Audi Dealer:

Should I go to an other dealer or attempt to negotiate?

MSRP 68440.00
Savings: 5116.77
Selling Price 63,323.23
Fees 822.00
Sales Tax: 4914.13
Net Sales Prixe: 69,059.36

Out of pocket $2500
39 months 926.39
15k miles per year

I asked the salesman and manager for the MF and RV…and they ignored my request.

I love Audi’s but am very much considering another luxury SUV with a better lease…

Thank You,



That’s $990 effective on a $68k car.

That payment opens lots of options. Velar, Cayenne, new X5 etc.

Of course, if you’re married to Audi, you know they lease badly most of the time.

I think it’s a terrible value, YMMV.



Contact @IvanAudi if you’re in SoCal…he’s an internet manager at Audi of Pasadena.


Or @AudiGuan


Also, get the actual residuals, MF, and incentives by posting here:


Not married to Audi… but I think an 800 x month payment is possible. Also considering Cayenne and X5 thank you


You’ll usually get the best deal on an Audi in nov/dec and then July/August when they run their official season of Audi specials.

Q7 was leading really well last time around. I checked edmunds recently and most of the incentives are gone.


I will wait until July/August. Thank You!