Audi Q7 2019 Lease

Hi Guys, first time poster. I appreciate all the useful info on this site.

I have received the following initial quote for a 2019 Audi Q7 2.0T with Premium Package in Southern California:

MSRP: 57,265
Cap: 51,987
36 months / 10k miles per year = 58% residual, 0.00178 MF
Zero due at signing
745.84 monthly plus tax = $816.69 total monthly @ LA county tax

I realize I can do better with this and that Audi’s don’t lease well. My question for the group is realistically how low can I get them on the monthly payment? Thanks in advance!

That’s a 9% discount. Not sure how much more can be had. Maybe a little.
I wonder if you’re amenable to MSD to buy down the MF?

That’d be my first additional move here.

But damn, are you married to Audi Q7? For that nut, lots of options open up.

My wife is married to it unfortunately.

Excuse my ignorance but what does MSD mean?

MSD = multiple security deposits.

You give the bank multiple deposits. For example, if the payment is $750, you’d pay $750 times however many deposits you’re willing to do, up to 10 typically.

Each deposit lowers the MF by a small amount. If you’re able and willing to tie up $7,500, you can probably save about $40-50 monthly.

Opinions are varied and strong on the merits of MSD. But you can lower the payment with them.

Down side: makes it very hard to transfer lease later, if you want iout early, as most folks balk at locking up that much :moneybag:

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I forgot to post the deal here but I got my wife a 2019 Q7 Premium Plus 3.0l with 36/10k miles at the end of December:
MSRP: $69.5k
Sales price: $62.5k
$4k incentives ($2k for trim, $1k for Season of Audi, $1k loyalty)
Texas tax credits
Included Audicare
Traded in a 2017 Q5 with about $3-4k in negative equity (average trade in value was $30-31k, payoff was $34k)
Monthly: $875p/m with zero down, no MSDs

With Audi it’s all about going for Premium Plus trim, as few options as possible and timing it right and getting maximum incentives. Getting Audicare will bump the residual up by 1% and cover all servicing costs.

Aj- I thought only the prestige had the extra $1k incentive (on top of the $2k for 3.0 engine)… how did you get it on a p plus?

I originally was looking for a base 2018 Prestige and got the incentives mixed up between that and the 2019 P+ we ended up with, serves me right for trying to remember the numbers from 3 weeks ago. Have adjusted the above numbers I mentioned.

You scared me for a minute- thought I left $1k on the table when I picked up my Q7

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OP- in November and December there was a $2k incentive on 3.0 engine only, which made it possible to lease a 62k 3.0 Q7 for the same payment as say a 57k 2.0.

Did you check edmunds to see if the incentive is still there ? If so, no reason to settle for the 2.0.

Looks like the 3.0 has a $1k incentive, nothing for the 2.0

It also looks like the residual between the 2018 and 2019 models is only 1-2% lower on the 18 and the MF is the same for both. With the 18 there is $2k in cash on the unit vs. $1k on the 3.0 only. I’d say its worth looking at an 18.

Thank you everyone for the responses so far. So what i’m gathering is that I can likely get a better deal on a 3.0 rather than a 2.0?

I thought i saw $2k incentives and $750 loyalty on carsdirect. It might be wrong…