Audi Q7 2.0 Lease Help


I am looking to lease an 2019 Audi Q7 2.0 premium plus in CA area. Please let me know your thoughts and ideal deal including driver assistance package.

I have Audi A4 in lease. Lease will end in January. The current dealer is offering current 3 months lease waiver and no deposition fee.

Packages:- Warm weather package, Driver assistance, convenience package, audi care, wear and tear, towing package, all weather Matt.

Region: CA
5K Down
36 months
7500 miles/year
Incentives:- None

Dealer 1: is offering 619/month without the driver assistance package

Dealer 2: is offering 600/month without the driver assistance package

Neither of these are your effective payment its over $700 a month with the $5K down. And u didn’t provide enough info MF ect.