Audi Q5 this a good deal?


New to leasing and I’m hoping to get a few pointers from you guys!

I live in NJ and will be purchasing from a PA dealer. The picture above is what they are offering. I tried to ask to come down on the cap cost some more but they won’t budge. I asked about MSD as well (something I picked up from this forum) and am waiting to hear back.

Should I avoid putting anything down and just put more towards MSD? If I do MSD, how much should I do? Please help!

Lots of Q5 posts. This is a terrible deal. Consider an Alfa Romeo Stelvio. I got one and love it. The deals are much better, the car is better, and it’s much more interesting.

No this is a terrible lease.

You are 22k out of pocket. That equates to .75 a mile to drive a rental.

Lots of information on leasing to be found here. Spend a little time researching. May even find some comparison pricing in the marketplace.

Best of luck!

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I forgot to add - MF is .00165 and residual is 57%.

You’re saying it’s a bad deal - can someone explain why exactly and what I should be negotiating?

When leasing you should never put any money down, primarily because you’ll lose it if the car is written off after you drive it off the lot. We have hundreds of Q5 threads here from all over the US, search and compare and that will provide the data for you to be able to judge the numbers.

Broadly speaking, Audis and Q5’s in general do not lease well compared to other cars in the market segment. Due to this a lot of people have tended to go for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio as it offers more bang for your buck. It’s your call though whether you’ve already made your mind up for a Q5 or more interested in a really good deal.

Now looking at Alfa romeos. How does one get such a good deal?!

Good to hear you are looking at alfas. The Stelvio is better to drive and safer than the Q5, plus it’s just cool to be the guy or gal with the Alfa.

Take a test drive first, but then just pick a specific car on a dealer’s lot, give them a call and ask for their best deal. Do this with a few dealers and play the dealers against each other. I’d recommend waiting until the end of the month (maybe next month) to make the decision.

That’s a very good discount off MSRP for a Q5. But I agree that you should not be putting down $2500 on a lease. As for your payment, I would ask to see their full breakdown, such as the money factor and acquisition fee, to make sure they’re not marking them up. Also, ask for a breakdown of their fees and what they’re for. I suspect you’ll find some fluff that’s merely hidden profit for the dealer. You have a decent amount of leverage, even on the Q5.
My two cents on the Alfa: I don’t live close enough to a dealer for all the service visits I’m sure the Alfa would require. I have heard the Alfa drives better than the rest. But you’d have to decide if you love that styling, and if you’re comfortable driving a loaner more often than the other options. Reliability has not been great on the Alfa’s

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Hm yea that’s true. I did try to have them come a little lower on the msrp but they wouldn’t budge- I asked for 15% off msrp and they said that’s what employees get. I took a better look at the Alfa’s and really am not too keen on them. I’ll keep shopping around.

I was able to get 13% off my 2019 A5 coupe order. I think 12-13% off is as good as it gets on the Q5. A couple dealers also told me that 15% off is for employees only. With the crummy money factors on Audi leases, we have to get as much off MSRP as we can.

That’s pretty good! I’ll aim for 13% then. But yea from researching on this forum it sounds Like Audi’s don’t give the best leases. I have my heart set on the Q5 but my second option is the Evoque. I drove the RDX, QX50, GLC and I felt the Q5 and Evoque has a better drive and more luxurious interior. The others seemed too “plasticky” to me. We’ll see what happens!