Audi Q5 Lease Help Please



Hi guys. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Getting a few lease proposals so far. The one below was the best one
Location: South Florida

2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus
MSRP: 51,350
Sales Price: 43,647.50
15% discount minus $1250 Rebate
MF: 0.00177
Residual: 52%
39 Months
15k miles per year
DAS: $2500 total
Payment: $589 including tax
or $10 more per month with Audi Care


Anyone? I’ve read some other recent topics and it seems like an ok deal. Where could I improve?


I’m not a lease hackr so please wait for others to chime in however your monthly payment seems a bit high although not crazy. This time a year you should be able to get a much better deal.

I was just quoted $589 for an SQ5 57k msrp, 2500 DAS, 10k miles - nj with Audi care included


15% is a good discount pre-incentive, I think that is probably as good as you’re going to do. The Q5 as you can see has a piss poor residual. Consider adding MSDs to reduce the interest a bit. Or consider the Sq5 or Q7 which will give you a much better value for not much more money.


Thanks guys. I’m going in there today. I’ll let you know how we did.


It looks like the dealer is marking up the MF from .00147 to .00177. My dealer tried to do that, saying they wouldn’t agree to 13% off MSRP and the buy rate in the MF. But I told them I would take my deposit and go elsewhere, so they agreed to the base MF. Other than the marked up MF, your lease looks decent. I don’t think you’re going to so much better on a Q5.
See the base lease numbers for your region here:


Thank you so much. Very helpful. Question though. Is .00147 after MSD? Thought it was .00164.


base is .00147 but they won’t give you 15% discount and base MF so you need to do the calculations and work out if 12% and base MF is better, or 15% and marked up MF. 12% seems to be the threshold at which MF starts to be marked up with the Q5. Your deal is about as good as it’s going to get for a Q5 with 15k miles. Take the Audicare addon, it’ll save you a lot on servicing.


Thanks everyone for the help.
We just signed the deal. Probably not the greatest thing ever but I think we did ok because it’s South Florida.

39 months, 15k Miles
DAS: $1,250
Payment: $590 including tax and Audi Care
MF: 0.00177 - they did not budge as you said. They did give us the full 15% and the $1,250 rebate
Also they took our Lexus back which had 2 remaining payments totaling $840.


This is a good deal. I got 2018 Q5 2 weeks ago for comparable rate.

Mine was 2018 Q5 ,12K miles ,36 months with Audi Care , Florida.

Trade in my car 6000 used as down payment

435 per month . The money factor was not the base ,they gave around .0019


Just for clarification, does the 43,647.50 price include the $1250 rebate?


Yeah South Florida has terrible leases. SoCal and North East people are the luckiest.


Yes we got every discount and rebate possible.